We’re Halfway There

Folks out there say “Hinkie died for our sins”, and they’re right. It’s almost like Sam Hinkie took out a really good insurance policy for his Sixer family, and then killed himself (stepped down). We are Sam Hinkies children, and Bryan Colangelo is the widow with all the assets. As long as Bryan takes care of the assets that his beloved worked so hard for, the children will grow up to live happy lives.

Colangelo has been given the comfiest GM seat. A seat with a lot of pressure, but one where you can swivel around and lean back in. As long as Bryan Colangelo doesn’t try to swivel this chair down a flight of stairs, everything will be fine.

The thing is, its long from over, and that’s not a bad thing. We will be jacked up for the 2018, and maybe even the 2019 NBA Lottery’s. The Lakers are not a playoff team next year, and that Sacramento pick in 2019 should be top 5. The Lakers were the 3rd worst team in the league, and even Paul George wouldn’t help that team considering how competitive the West is right now. They have confusion at PG with Lonzo, Russell and Clarkson, and no else on the team that scares anyone. The Kings..well, they just suck, and are going to suck a lot. It’s our turn to be the Celtics. We can sit back and laugh while other teams struggle to win more than 27 games. We won’t be tanking, but other teams will be for us.

 When people say “the time is now. We need to win now.”…they are right. There is no reason to go down from here. This team is good enough to squeeze into the playoffs with the right free agent or two (J.J Reddick, Patty Mills). The thing is, it will be “now time” for a very long time, and that doesn’t mean we should move away from drafting top end talent. By the time it is 2019, our players will be still be approaching the heights of their primes:

Embiid: 25

Dario: 25

Simmons: 22

Josh Jackson: 21

TLC: 24

Just because you have high end guys now, doesn’t mean you should throw away the chance to find more high end, young studs for someone who is only ready to win now, and not down the road.

Steph Curry was drafted in 2009. Klay Thompson was drafted two years later, and Draymond Green was drafted three years after Steph. I still don’t think we realize just how long it takes to build a serious contender. As far as we’ve come, I still only think we are about halfway there. We still don’t know how our guard play is going to look, and haven’t seen any of these prospects develop completely yet. The trade rumors are going to be plenty, and it’s important to keep the future in mind when talking about Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and even Kyle Lowry. Having those guys could make life more fun now, but could take away from long term fun.

I just want things to be simple and conservative. Give free agents a year or two to play here, and nothing more. Kyle Lowry would make us a pretty fun 4 seed next year, but we didn’t build this just to be an exciting 4 seed. Lowry’s contract could kill us when he’s 35 years old. His 35 million could be enough of a dent in our cap to prevent re-signing someone really important (Josh Jackson). To build an NBA giant, you can’t take any shortcuts. Build through the draft, and complement homegrown talent with free agents that help growth, and don’t hinder it.

Go Sixas.

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Sources: Philly.com and clutchpoints.com

Blount Signing Is A Great Dumb Move

When you have a franchise QB on his rookie contract, you do all you can to make sure he gets everything he needs. Just like my Enterprise internship. They have a bright young man like myself on cheap intern pay, and they are making sure I’m getting the tools to be my own boss 🙂

But this blog isn’t about me, it’s about the guys who take on one of the most dangerous jobs in sports: The running back. To be a back in this league, you need to be insanely athletic, durable, and a lot of times, it even helps to be really stupid (just watch any Marshawn Lynch interview). Frank Gore’s IQ is historically low and that’s why he’s still risking his life at the age of 34. Le’veon Bell was dumb enough to get caught with weed, but he’s probably the best RB in this league. Unless you’re a QB, it benefits teams to be dumb. Patrick Willis, who is now working in the Silicon Valley, was smart enough to retire at age 29 and leave San Fran’s defense in shambles. No good.

Which brings me to this signing. The Eagles picked up an athletic back. Over 1,100 yards last year weighing 250lbs. He’s proven to be very durable. Part of this is because he’s always been splitting carries, but he’s never been seriously hurt. And what I like most about him, is he’s nice and dumb. Howie Rosemann is putting together a nice set of idiot running backs and I love it.

Besides scoring 18 TD last year and proving to be on the most consistent short yardage backs, Blount has also been dumb at times, and will come in here as a great dumb mentor to our young running back core. He got caught with weed and was suspended for a game in 2015, but it’s the story in 2010 that I find a liking in.

“Hout, pumped up by the Broncos’ 19-8 defeat of Oregon in last year’s season opener, slapped Blount on the shoulder. The (Oregon) running back had told Sports Illustrated that the Ducks owed the Broncos an “(expletive)-whuppin’.” “How ’bout that (expletive)-whuppin’?” Hout said he told Blount. Blount responded with a right hand to the jaw that dropped Hout to the blue turf. Blount was suspended for most of the season; Hout, who was disciplined internally, was criticized on national TV and teased relentlessly in the locker room.” From Tim Gardener, USA Today.

That’s the attitude we need on this football team. Ryan Matthews was solid, but not “I’ll punch a dude in the mouth without even thinking about the consequences” solid.

Go Birds.

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: LeGarrette Blount


Nolan Patrick Draft Profile

I think most Philly fans know by now that we got the 2nd pick, but I don’t think they understand just how flip shitting awesome this is. As a society, we have not talked enough about the Flyers moving up from #13 to the #2 pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. I hope I help everyone give more shits about this situation with this extremely good hockey article on two potential really good hockey players. One of which will be orange and blacked. Nico Hischier (left) vs. Nolan Patrick (right). I will be doing Nolan Patrick first, and hopefully have Nico done by this week as well.

(Side note) Instantly love the swagger both of these guys will bring. Almost perfect flow for both with names that seem to fit each player perfectly. The name Nico means Nico chants, and just sounds like someone who puts up a sexy 70 points a year in his sleep. Nolan Patrick is two first names and that kind of sucks, but it’s still a gritty ass name for a seemingly gritty player.

Nolan Patrick – Center, 6’3, 200lbs, Canadian kid from the WHL

Nolan Patrick wears the great number #19 (Joe Thornton, Scott Hartnell, Jonathan Toews) and has played for the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League. That’s the same junior hockey team that Ron Hextall, Brayden Schenn, and perfect human being Ivan Provorov played for in Juniors.

The Fake News Media’s NHL comparison: Anze Kopitar

My comparison: Jeff Carter, but much better all around and gives more of a shit about hockey.

Big, strong center with a great shot. The comparisons have been flying all over with this guy. A lot of people see some Eric Staal and Anze Kopitar in him because of his two way style of play, and I’ve even heard a few people compare him to Jonathan Toews. I would be completely satisfied if he came close to any of these guys, considering we should have been picking some scrub at #13.

Everything is great with this guy until you look at his injury history.

2011-2012:  Broke his collarbone

2012-2013:  Broke his collarbone again, missed 3 months

2014-2015:  Missed a month with a groin injury

2016: Offseason surgery was required for a sports hernia

2016-2017:  Missed 3 months with a groin injury, and later on missed the playoffs with a leg injury

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Barnabys Havertown Fire Reaction

Sometime around 5am this past Sunday, Barnaby’s in Havertown caught fire.

Police received calls at 5:21am from people driving by on West Chester Pike about the fire.

It was categorized as a two alarm fire, and crew’s got there shortly after the place burst into flames. Here’s video of the fire crews on sight during the fire.

No one was in the building during the fire.

The likely cause of the fire was a cigarette.

In all of our time here at DelcoDelphia, we have numerous tweets that garnered a lot of buzz, but nothing like this one.

Sure it might have just been a Barnaby’s; a bar that consists mostly of depressing 50 year old dudes, cheesesteak egg rolls from heaven, and a grade A porch to chain smoke cigarettes off of, but it’s a lot more than that for the people of Delco. “It’s always hard to accept that your home is destroyed.” Mark Marrone told us. We even got a hold of Shane “Local Drunk” Finegan and got his thoughts on the situation. “It was bittersweet news to me because I have no idea where to go for thanksgiving eve now.” A night where 50% of the conversations are with people you hoped you would never see after graduating high school. It’s not all bad news for Shane though. “It’s also one less bar to get banned from.”

The good news, however is that Barnaby’s will be back, and probably far sooner than anyone expected. “I’ve already started the ball rolling. You have to turn around and be optimistic. We’re going to be back and we’re going to be back soon,” said owner Bill Daley.

Word on the street is that they could be back as soon as July 4th.

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: FOX29

Drafting Red Flag Players

A lot of people look at the Joe Mixon situation and say “what a piece of shit, I don’t want him on our team.” 99% of me agrees with that. The 99% of me that believes in ladies first no matter what and says god bless you whenever somebody sneezes is in complete agreement with that. Guys like Joe Mixon should be punished far more severely than simply losing out on the first round bonus. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t really have a system in place to prevent these problems and guys like Vontaze Burfict, Tyreek Hill, and even Jalen Mills end up just being a late round steal for a team. So, there’s the 1% of me that doesn’t care what these players have done, and as long as they win me football games, I won’t care what kind of piece of shit I am rooting for.

The painful truth is that fans end up forgetting about a player’s dark side once he produces in the NFL. Not everyone will forget, but enough will for it to basically go away. Ray Lewis may have killed a guy or two, yet he went on to become a HOF and worked for ESPN for three years. Last year, Laremy Tunsil dropped like ten picks because of the pot mask, but he will still probably have a long career. Michael Vick did his time, and ran all over the Giants at the delight of a lot of dog lovers in Philadelphia. This year, there are a lot of guys with “red flags”. I’m here to break each situation down, and offer my opinion on the possibility of drafting each individual to the Eagles family.

Joe Mixon

If you haven’t watched the video, go ahead right now and hug a woman afterwards. So yeah, the guy is a real piece of shit. This might just be a one time thing, but it’s such a shitty, cowardly one time thing. Somebody is going to draft him in the second round and spew out BS that he deserves a second round chance yada yada. If someone is going to reap the benefits of getting the best running back in the draft in the 2nd round, why not us? I know that every part of that is morally wrong, but I don’t care. Draft him, put Brian Dawkins on his ass, and let this guy score touchdowns for us.

Dalvin Cook

Joe Mixon hit a woman and was caught on tape, but Dalvin Cook may have done the same thing. He was proven not guilty by a jury in 2015 after allegedly punching a woman outside of a Tallahassee bar. I know he was found innocent, but it’s not crazy to believe that he actually did do it. He was charged with robbery when he was 14, and even brought a gun to school and fired it in 2015. Somebody that stupid might be stupid enough to hit a woman. I think you should be even more concerned with this guy than you are with Mixon. I wouldn’t touch this guy since he would cost a 1st round pick. Anything after the second round, round him and his PB@J makin momma.

Reuben Foster

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Interview With Kutztown NFL Draft Prospect Jordan Morgan

“Jordan Morgan Jr. (Kutztown) – 6026, 313, H-10”, A-33 ¼”.Senior Bowl: Small college player who plays high with questionable balance. A waist bender who loses his knee bend on contact. High on pulls. Stops feet on contact. A raw developmental talent.” – Ourlads.com

As a fellow Kutztown (GOLDEN) Bear, I knew it was my duty to get a couple of questions in with the Gene Upshaw Award Winner for best offensive lineman in D2 football, the PSAC East player of the year, Parkway West Alumni, Philadelphia’s own, Mr. Jordan Morgan. I asked Jordan these questions in the most journalist way possible…by DM’ing him through Instagram. Jordan is entering the NFL draft as one of the top guards projected to go in the 4th-5th round.

Q1: You walk outside for the first day of classes freshman year. The farm-poop smell fresh in the air at Kutztown University…Where did that Jordan Morgan think he would be in the year 2017?

I never imagined I’d be here. At first I wasn’t even sure if I’d make the final cut for the team my freshman year. But I always tried to put it to the back of my mind and just keep powering forward.

Keep in mind, Jordan was recruited as a walk-on accidentally. Coaches from Kutztown came to see someone else play at his high school and Jordan caught their attention.

Q2: At what point did you realize mauling defensive lineman might be a career for you?

My sophomore year of college I decided this was what I wanted to do with my life, but my junior year is when I started to see it come to fruition.

Q3: What advantages did a small school like Kutztown give you that a D1 school might not have been able to give?

I think it made me a harder worker. We didn’t have much, so we had to work that much harder for everything…that difference in resources teaches you the importance of hard work.

From what I have heard and even seen, the Kutztown football players don’t exactly have the state of the art facilities. They do conditioning drills in a gym that’s probably 100 years old, and we only have one gym on campus which is smaller than your average planet fitness.

Q4: I know just being in the NFL is enough in itself, but how much are you pulling for the Birds to take you in the draft?

I know they’re interested, but I don’t have a preference for where I play…I just want to play with the best people at the highest level.

As a die hard fan, drafting Jordan makes so much sense in that 4th-5th round range. The guards we have on the roster now aren’t proven to be anything long term, and now is the time to invest in protecting Carson Wentz. Give Carson a hard working monster like Jordan who also wasn’t a D1 guy to grow with and work hard with every day.

Jordan also told me that he plans on being home in Philly when he gets the call, and won’t be risking his ACL running up the art museum steps.

Go Birds. Go (GOLDEN) Bears.


Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: McCall.com

Delco Proper Hitting Comedy Central

I don’t think I could come up with a show any better than this. Delco Proper: a show about Delco, acted and created by a couple dudes from Delco.

If you get a pilot for Comedy Central, you’re doing a lot of things right. Since Workaholics is done, and It’s Always Sunny will be on its way out in due time, why not these guys? You guys remember “burrelled my girl”?

Yup, same guys in this video are the same guys doing this show. John Mckeever, from Delco is directing and starring in the show. If this show lasts more than even a season, theses guys should be given the key to Delco (if that’s a thing). They should be given a parade with cheap beer being tossed all around. We all knew deep down that Delaware County was more than a county, and now it’s time for the entire world to find that out. out the short clips on YouTube. This one is really funny. I can’t wait for this.

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: Delco Proper

Eagles Go 10-6, McCaffrey Is Better Than Zeke

So the Eagles schedule came out Thursday. Normal people might look at it and try to guess where our 9 wins will come from, but I don’t usually do that. I like to look at the games I can tailgate and watch at the Linc blacked out of my mind. I usually count on the game before Christmas to be that one, but this year we play ON Jesus’ birthday. I’m either heading down and getting a ticket, or my Uncles and Aunts are getting a show at home. In other news, here is my prediction of what will happen game by game:

Week 1:
Birds win 31-0. Mccaffrey goes for 300 total yards. Eagles fans claim he is better than Zeke Elliot.

Week 2:
Birds lose 31-0 to the Chiefs. Eagles fans want Andy Reid back and Doug fired.

Week 3:
Eli Manning gets caught selling his cleats to me in the parking lot. He gets suspended and birds win 24-7.

Week 4:
Eagles lose just because.

Week 5:
Carson Palmer tears both ACL’s in one play and retires after the game. Birds win 27-10.

Week 6:
Eagles lose on game winning FG. I spend that Sunday night quietly pondering life in my room wondering if being an Eagles fan is worthy of my time.

Week 7:
Kirk Cousins poops his pants and Eagles win. I love the birds!

Week 8:
Eagles lose to the 49ers somehow. I fucking hate the Eagles man.

Week 9:
Tony Romo comes out of retirement to play for the Broncos. Vinny Curry breaks everything in his back and Romo is back in the booth. Eagles are 5-4 heading into the bye.

Week 11:
Can we please just win this game. Please. Eagles go 6-4?

Week 12
Is Rex Grossmann still QB? Eagles go 7-4

Week 13:
Eagles lose to Seattle all because we won some stupid meaningless week 17 game last year. God damnit.

Week 14:
Eagles win and Jared Goff quits football. Eagles are 8-5.

Week 15:
Eli Manning is back from his suspension (he sold me A LOT of cleats) and Brandon Marshall does bad things to Jalen Mills.

Week 16:
Eagles win despite Wentz going down with a hand injury. Nick FOLES throws for 7 TD again. Eagles are 9-6!

Week 17:
Eagles beat the Cowboys for the division. Wentz is better than Dak and McCaffrey gets his 2,000th rushing yard.

10-6 it is!

Pro Bowlers: Jason Kelce

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: CSNPhilly

Don’t Draft Christian McCaffrey

It makes almost too much sense, right? The Eagles are in need of a running back, McCaffrey is a great scheme fit due to his versatility and he seems like the perfect character guy to pair with Carson Wentz. While all of this is true, taking a running back with the 14th overall pick in the NFL Draft would be a huge mistake.

Take a look at this list below. It’s the top 10 rushing leaders in the NFL last year. How many of them do you think were first round picks?

The answer is one and he’s a huge pussy.

The next list is the RBs who led the league in receiving last year. How many do you think were top 14 picks?

The answer is a whopping 0.

These two stats alone are enough for me. There is so much RB value later in drafts that taking a guy in the first round is absurd. Especially when he doesn’t project to be an every down NFL running back.

I like McCaffrey. I think he could turn out to be a really good player in this league. I just don’t think he’s worth using a first round pick on when there are so many other positions of need that can be filled with the selection.

Let’s look at the measurable for Alvin Kamara, who probably grades out to be a late second, early third round pick and compare them to McCaffrey.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather “settle” for a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round with better measurables, comparable stats and less wear and tear while also gaining a difference maker on defense at 14. A guy like Kamara along with Gareon Conley or Derek Barnett will be much more productive for your team as a whole than McCaffrey and guys like Teez Tabor or Jordan Willis.

The Eagles have way too many holes on the roster to use a first round pick on a position where there is so much value later in the draft. McCaffrey would be exciting, but the Eagles should not pull the trigger on him if he’s available at 14.

Written by Eric Quinn

Image Source: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports