13 Years Later

Where were you?

Where were you on February 6, 2005? How old were you ? Do you remember what you did  for the game?

I remember it as if the game was yesterday.

I was in the fourth grade. I watched the game sitting on the floor of my parents house in Briarcliffe. I was rocking my T.O jersey and my family ordered a smorgasbord of food from Not Just Wings. Everyone on the block had the newspaper give away Eales’ posters hanging in their windows. I cried myself to sleep after Rodney Harrison picked off McNabb to clinch the game for the Patriots.

If you told little Joe back in 2005 that he would have to wait 13 years to see another Eagles Super Bowl, he would say you were nuts.

Nevertheless, here we are 13 years later and I am only seeing my second Eagles’ Super Bowl.

The Eagles have the pieces to become the NFL’s next dynasty, but in football nothing is guaranteed.

Take time this week to enjoy the fact that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl. Wear your Eagles gear all week, listen to all the members of the media pick the Patriots to win, enjoy the interviews with the players, and laugh listening to the loser Vikings fans cry about the Philly degenerates taking over their city.

This Super Bowl is the only one that we are guaranteed. So give it your all. And most of all, be ready to fucking party because we are taking down Belichick, Brady and the God damn Patriots dynasty. The Eagles are the best team in football and no one is stopping Big Dick Nick.

Philadelphia, get the cisco and confetti ready, there is a parade coming to Broad Street.

31-17 Birds!

Fly Eagles Fly!

Written by Joe Smith

Photo credit to Patrick Smith of getty images

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