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Best Eagles Selections in Previous 10 Drafts

It’s pretty much set in stone who the Birds are taking with their pick this year. For the sake of this team, let’s all hope that player ends up on this list in a few years. If not, things could get pretty ugly.

The Eagles have been a pretty inconsistent team when it comes to drafting to say the least. I guess that’s what happens when you have three different guys heading up your draft in the last 5 years (Reid, Roseman, Kelly). Let’s take a look at the best pick the Eagles made in each of the last 10 drafts and see where those guys are now.


LB Jordan Hicks – Round 3, Pick 84

This kid looks like the real deal. He stepped in last year and played like a seasoned vet in one of the toughest positions on the defense. He had control of the unit and did a great job calling the plays. It was disappointing to see him go down with an injury but I’m excited for the future of our defense with this guy in the middle


WR Jordan Matthews – Round 2, Pick 42

This was a terrible draft altogether. Marcus Smith was our first rounder and we wasted a third rounder on Josh Huff. While Jordan Matthews had a rough season last year I still think he will prove to be a very reliable receiver in this league for years to come. I’m interested to see if Doug Pederson only uses him in the slot like Chip did or if he shifts outside at all. 2016 will be a big year for the Vanderbilt product.


TE Zach Ertz – Round 2, Pick 45

This was a tough one as our first three picks in this draft were great.Lane Johnson in the first round and Bennie Logan in the third round were both outstanding picks. I decided based on value. Johnson was picked at 4 so he should be a stud. I like Logan a lot, I’m just worried about how he’ll fair in the new 4-3 scheme. Therefore, I went with Ertz who I think will flourish into an elite pass catching tight end this year. He can be a mismatch nightmare and I’m excited to see him in a Travis Kelce-esque role in the new offense. If he can improve his blocking we’re looking at a huge year from him.


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TV Character Mock Draft

It’s draft day. Experts give you their mocks on who they think should go where in order to build the bestNFL team. We here at DelcoDelphia decided that we’re experts on TV characters so, in turn, we are going to try to build the best 5 person cast. Let us know who you think had the best draft, who reached for someone and who had the best steal.

Round 1

Pick 1 (Corey): Michael Scott – The Office

Pick 2 (Quinn): Tony Soprano – The Sopranos

Pick 3 (Tyler): Walter White – Breaking Bad

Pick 4 (Muke): Kramer – Seinfeld

Round 2

Pick 1 (Muke): Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad

Pick 2 (Tyler): Larry David – Curb Your Enthusiasm

Pick 3 (Quinn): Jax Teller – Sons of Anarchy

Pick 4 (Corey): Ron Swanson – Parks and Rec

Round 3

Pick 1 (Corey): Carlton Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Pick 2 (Quinn): Jon Snow – Game of Thrones

Pick 3 (Tyler): Don Draper – Mad Men

Pick 4: (Muke): Frank Underwood – House of Cards

Round 4

Pick 1 (Muke): Dwight Schrute – The Office

Pick 2 (Tyler): Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Pick 3 (Quinn): Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

Pick 4 (Corey): Bubbles – Trailer Park Boys

Round 5

Pick 1 (Corey): Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Pick 2 (Quinn): Nucky Thompson – Boardwalk Empire

Pick 3 (Tyler): Omar Little – The Wire

Pick 4 (Muke): Spongebob Squarepants – Spongebob Squarepants

So that leaves us with the following squads.


Michael Scott, Ron Swanson, Carlton Banks, Bubbles, Phil Dunphy


Tony Soprano, Jax Teller, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Nucky Thompson


Walter White, Larry David, Don Draper, Charlie Day, Omar Little


Kramer, Jesse Pinkman, Frank Underwood, Dwight Schrute, Spongebob

Comment below who you have as best cast, biggest draft steal, biggest draft reach and best undrafted free agent that’s still available.

Written by Eric Quinn

2016 NFL Draft Extravaganza

Happy NFL Draft Week Folks!

It’s the most, wonderful timeeeee, of the yearrrrrrr.

With teams trading late picks,

And ESPN showing,

A sweaty Chris Berman no one wants to sit nearrrrrrrr!

It’s the most wonderful timeee, of the yearrrrr!

Finally! We have made it. No more prospects dancing in underwear. No more dumb stories of draft process questions. And no more yelling matches between Mel and Todd! (Just kidding we legit have like eleven more hours of that awaiting us): it’s time to draft some players!

This year’s draft has already seen a top 10 selection traded 3 times! (MIA-PHI, TEN-LA, CLE-PHI). With these deals, the top two selections are all but made. But that shouldn’t stop you from tuning in this week. Thursday’s first round is sure to include some big trades (will Tennessee find their way back into the top 10?), fun rumors (which team will reach for the 3rd QB off the board?), and countless Joey Bosa/JJ Watt comparisons (the odds of Gruden comparing Bosa to Watt are 110%. Book it).

In anticipation of this week’s festivities, here is my 2016 NFL Draft preview. I decided to break it up in a bunch of different sections to keep things fun. Be sure to comment below on your predictions, and where you think teams should be leaning as they make their picks this weekend.

Over / Unders:

No pushes here baby! Here are a few predictions I have heading into Thursday:

1.Quarterbacks taken in the first round: +/- 3.5

So we all know that Goff/Wentz are gonna end up going 1-2, unless the Rams decide to make a last second effort to deal the pick for Sam Bradford (just kidding). After the top 2 guys, many have Memphis’ Paxton Lynch as a first rounder, with some predicting him going as high as 8 to Cleveland. The tough question is whether or not a fourth signal caller will follow these big three in round one.

In all honesty, I have a really hard time imagining Christian Hackenberg not sneaking into the first round. Call me a “homer.” Even call me a moron. But it only takes one team to fall in love with what Christian could bring to an NFL team, and I’ll say that somebody takes Hackenberg late in the first. As to what team that might be? Who knows. But in a time when first round picks, especially quarterbacks, don’t warrant as big of an investment financially as they once did, expect more and more teams to look into getting back in the top 32 (well 31 on Thursday, New England lost theirs in that whole deflated footballs thing) to snag their potential leader of the future.

Look for others like Connor Cook and Cardale Jones to begin to find homes on day 2 and beyond.

Verdict: OVER

2. How many Ohio State Buckeyes will go in round one? +/- 5.5

Ohio State’s 2016 draft class is one for the ages. After looking at the pool of names that are draft eligible, one will immediately think about how on earth this team did not go unbeaten (12-1) in 2015.

I have the same five Buckeyes cracking the first round as most do: Joey Bosa (thank God he is gone), Ezekiel Elliot (hes no Saquon Barkley but his newfound team will love him), Darron Lee, Eli Apple, and offensive tackle Taylor Decker.

The next group of Buckeyes are extremely talented, but I don’t see any of them cracking the first round. WR Michael Thomas, S Von Bell, WR/QB/THANK GOD HE IS OUT OF THE BIG TEN Braxton Miller, TE Nick Vannett, and QB Cardale Jones are all names that will be called this week beginning Friday. I actually wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if all ten guys were selected in the top 100.

Verdict: UNDER

3. How many Running Backs hear their name called Thursday night? +/- 1.5

With Ezekiel Elliot a lock to be a first rounder, the question is whether or not any teams jump to take a running back not nicknamed “Zeke” on Thursday. Would I pick a running back in the first other than Elliot? Probably not. But I’m going to guess one team will fall in love with the idea of handing the ball off to Derrick Henry each Sunday. Henry might not be an elite athlete for the position, but his durability and power are traits to adore.

I think you will see a huge run on backs on Day 2. Look out for LA Tech’s Kenneth Dixon, Utah’s Devontae Booker, UCLA’s Paul Perkins, and Indiana’s (and UAB Transfer) Jordan Howard to all go early on Friday. But in regards to Thursday, look for the two big names to come off the board.

Verdict: OVER

4. How many pass catchers (WR/TE) will be picked on Thursday? +/- 5.5

This year’s WR class is different than most years in that it does not have that one big name guaranteed to go in the top 10 (Amari Cooper and Kevin White in ‘15, and Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans in ‘14 are recent examples). Most have Ole Miss’ Laquon Treadwell, Baylor’s Corey Coleman, and TCU’s Josh Doctson clearly cemented as first round picks. But after that group, things get a little hazy. Will any team go for Notre Dame’s Will Fuller? How about Oklahoma’s Sterling Shepard? Most years we see a team pick a burner at WR late in the first that few saw cracking the first round (Indy’s 2015 selection of Phillip Dorsett is the most recent example). And in my opinion this year will be no different. Look for the aforementioned big three, along with one other receiver to be taken off the board Thursday.

But don’t think I forgot about the tight end group! In what many consider to be a down year for the position, I have just one tight end, Arkansas’ Hunter Henry, being selected on Thursday. Along with four receivers, this gives us five pass catch catches to watch for in the top 31.

Verdict: UNDER

5. What draft slot will Laremy Tunsil “fall” to? +/-  4.5

Thanks to the two blockbuster trades, we now know the top two picks will be quarterbacks. These deals have caused what most think to be the draft’s best prospect, Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil, to “fall”, if you will, down the draft board. But don’t feel too bad for Tusnil, as he won’t last too long on Thursday. I’m gonna say San Diego goes Jalen Ramsey at 3, and Dallas decides to pass on an offensive tackle in favor of other needs. At 5, I’ll say Gus Bradley and Co. elect to protect their young stud in Blake Bortles and give him a tackle to feel confident behind. Sorry Ravens’ fans, its hard to imagine him falling down to 6, but in this case, I’m still taking the over. Expect Bortles to sleep great after this pick is sent in.


DelcoDelphia Weighs In

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Flyers Offseason – What to Look For

It’s only been about a couple of days, but I am already looking forward to what Ronny Hex will be up to this summer.

Right after the Stanley Cup is raised, the off-season gets going pretty quickly. The NHL Draft will take place June 24th, and NHL Free Agency starts a week later on July 1st. The Flyers will have a lot of draft picks, and some expiring contracts to take care of. The Flyers have Chicago’s 2nd, and the LA Kings 3rd and 6th rounders to play with in addition to all of their picks from rounds 1-7. The Flyers 1st round pick will likely fall in the middle of the pack, anywhere from 14-16. They also have the ammo to move up in this draft if someone really catches their eye.  As far as who we may target in the draft, I have to believe it will be heavily placed towards bringing in forwards. If a defenseman is there that they really like, they will continue to build the back end, but we will need to start addressing our lack of scoring forwards in this draft. Other than Travis Konecny and Aube-Kubel, we have nothing to get excited about. Overpaying for wingers in free agency has proved to be dumb (Bickell,Clarkson, Lecavalier to name a few), so they should look into drafting a sniper or two to play on this team down the road.

Hextall’s first order of business will be extending T.J Oshie’s nightmare.

Brayden Schenn is a restricted free agent and could still be extended for another bridge, one year deal to remain restricted next summer. While that’s an option, it’s also unlikely. I think Hexy will look to give him a long term deal to play wing in a top six role for a while. His last contract stood at 2 years, 2.75 million per year. If I had to guess I would say he could make anywhere from 5-7 million dollars per year with his new contract. While Ron Hextall has done a great job with contracts previously, Schenn poses to be the biggest test of his GM stint.

Besides Schenn, the Flyers still have some other guys to make decisions on this summer. Nick Cousins, Radko Gudas, Brandon Manning, Jordan Weal are all restricted free agents. Ryan White, Sam Gagner, Evgeny Medvedev are unrestricted.

With these contracts being scratched off the cap, the Flyers will have around 14 million in wiggle room to sign these players to extensions. Other than Schenn, none of these players will break the bank or come back with a long term deal. Cousins, Gudas, and Manning will likely receive either tendering deals, or short term “prove it” contracts. If Gagner is back, it will be at a reduced price from his original 3.2 million per year. White could be brought back for essentially nothing, and I doubt Medvedev is back next year.

This is the offseason where Hextall can really start to work. When all of the resigning of players is all said and done, we will probably be looking at around 7-9 million free in cap space to either save or explore in free agency. Mark Streit will likely be shopped around, along with possibly Matt Read and Nick Schultz. Streit carries a 5.25 cap hit, Read 3.6, and Nick Schultz a 2.25. We can also buy out R.J Umberger and save our team 3 million in cap space for the next two years. It makes a lot of sense to deal both Streit and Read for anything that could benefit the long term planning. With the emergence of the Ghost, Streit’s primary duty of serving as a Power Play defenseman has been almost completely replaced. Towards the end of the season he served as an overpaid top four defenseman and was plugged into areas of the game that didn’t fit him (Penalty Kill). If Hextall can trade him and get his cap off the books before the next season, that would be huge. His services will be replaced by a healthy Del Zotto, a cheaper free agent on the market, and eventually Provorov making his way into the NHL. While Matt Read is a decent defensive forward, he has lost a lot of his offensive touch that made him a valuable 3rd liner a couple of years ago. If they can get anything out of these players, that would be pretty sweet.

How Do We Get Better For Next Year?

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Phillies Prospect Profile – J.P. Crawford

J.P. Crawford

Phillies Prospect Rank #1

Top 100 Prospects Rank #5

Team: Reading Fightin Phils (AA)

Position: SS

Bats: L

Throws: R

Drafted: 2013, 1nd Round (16) – Philadelphia Phillies

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 01/11/1995

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 180 lbs.

MLB Comparison: Jimmy Rollins

Estimated Pro: 2016

Our second prospect profile will be looking at the number one prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies’ organization as of right now, J.P. Crawford. Crawford was drafted by the Phillies in the first round of the 2013 Draft. The Phillies came away with what they are hoping to be a steal in the middle of the first round. Of the first 16 picks in that draft, Crawford stands out as having the some of the most potential within the group.

J.P. Crawford is without a doubt the cornerstone prospect the Phillies are relying on to be a very good pro. He has the highest ceiling out of the team’s current prospects and rightfully so. He won the Gulf Coast League batting title, made it in to the Futures Game two straight years, and saw himself playing AA baseball at the age of 20. The potential in this kid is through the roof. With the all-around skill that Crawford possesses, he could end up being an impact player on both sides of the ball for the Phillies. He plays the shortstop position with no problems at all. Crawford has a smooth fielding technique that limits errors, with an excellent arm and good fielding range overall. When we discussed Nick Williams in our last write up, we talked about how he needs to work on becoming a more disciplined hitter. Crawford does not need this work. He is a disciplined hitter who has the ability to draw walks in key situations as well as get on base with his bat. There is no doubt that Crawford has drawn the Jimmy Rollins comparison already without even seeing the professional club. With that being said, he will have some pretty big shoes to fill but there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to do so. Crawford should see himself on the big league roster by the end of the 2016 campaign. Once he gets there, it is his job to lose as Freddy Galvis will step aside for this young and promising shortstop.

Last season in the minors for Clearwater and Reading, Crawford posted a combined .288 AVG, recording 124 hits in 430 at-bats, a .380 OBP, and a .414 SLG. He scored 68 runs, stole 12 bases, and walked 63 times during the year. In extra base hits, Crawford posted 22 doubles, 7 triples, and 6 home-runs while hitting in 42 runners. As described earlier, Crawford has incredible plate discipline already early in his playing career. This will only benefit him more in the future when he hits the majors. I can easily see Crawford turning into a Jimmy Rollins like piece for the Phillies at shortstop. He has all the tools to give the Phillies an important piece that will help them become a contender in the near future. I am very excited to see what Crawford can do when he gets his chance in the majors as this will be the telling tale of whether or not the Phillies are closer to contention faster than expected.

Written by Eric Tanenbaum

Image Source: Elsa/Getty Images

Skip Bayless Out at ESPN – Which Philly Media Personality Would Be Best Replacement?

Skip Bayless is one of the most annoying people in sports media. His partner on ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith, isn’t too far off. The two of them team up for some entertaining TV in the morning. Sometimes it’s good, most times it’s just ridiculous. Skip says some out of the box things which ends up enraging Stephen into a preacher-esque rant.

Today, ESPN announced that Skip would be leaving after the NBA Finals which begs the question – which Philly sports personality would be the most entertaining sitting across from Stephen A?

Josh Innes

This is a no-brainer. This guy is the king of the hot take. Josh always seems to say some outrageous things just to get a rise out of listeners which is exactly what Skip tries to do. In addition to that, Innes has toed the racial line a few times on the air and it would be interesting to see how that dynamic would work with Stephen A. I’m guessing not well, but it would make for must-see TV.

Angelo Cataldi

The explanation here is similar to the one for Josh. Angelo is old-school and has a cult-like following. Both of these guys are former writers, specifically for the Philadelphia Inquirer which could bring an interesting spin to the table. I think their contrasting styles would make for great TV. Stephen A always tries to come off as the serious diplomat and Cataldi turns everything into a joke. This would be fun.

Mike Missanelli

We keep with the radio host theme here. They are easy choices as it’s their job to debate on air and say controversial things to entice listeners. Basically, the same thing First Take does. For those of you who don’t know, Smith and Missanelli actually did a radio show together back in 2007 that ended up going national. It failed but hey maybe a second go round on TV might work out. Missanelli is pretty full of himself as is Smith so it would definitely be interesting to see them work together.

Missanelli and Skip actually got into it a few years ago on Mike’s radio show. It was amazing. Skip said he did not know who Missanelli was and Missanelli responded with “Google Me”. Now it is one of the classic drops that the radio station uses. Mikey Miss and Stephen A would be must see TV. At least Missanelli would stick up for Philly fans as opposed to Cowboy fan Skip.

Howard Eskin

Could you imagine these two egos going at it? Both of these guys think they’re God’s gift to earth. The whole show would revolve around how Stephen A is boys with some of the NBA’s biggest stars while Howard talks about being in the front row at every big press conference. Yack.

Written by Eric Quinn

Image Source: Deadspin

Which Philly Sports Figure is Each Presidential Candidate

Let me start with a disclaimer here. I do not pay deep attention to the political landscape therefore this is just based on my generalized observations of the candidates. So don’t get all butt-hurt if I say something about your candidate of choice that you don’t agree with. This is not a political opinion piece. Thank you in advance.

So, like myself, you might not be a political aficionado. If so, I’m here to translate all the candidates into Philly sports figures. Maybe it will help you with your choice on election day.

The Republicans

Donald Trump = Jerry Colangelo

Honorable Mention: Howard Eskin

So I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that Donald Trump is a douche bag. I personally think it’s hilarious and the country could use someone who isn’t necessarily always politically correct but it obviously rubs some people the wrong way. After the whole Sam Hinkie ordeal, I think we can all agree that Jerry Colangelo is a pretty big d-bag as well. He basically forced the guy out, apparently released his manifesto to ESPN so Hinkie looked like a fool then his son magically becomes the new GM. Although they’re both aholes, I can’t knock what each guy has done in their professional career. Trump is one of the most successful businessmen in the country and Colangelo is a very successful NBA executive. In addition they are both very patriotic. Trump so much so that he wants to build a wall at our border to keep immigrants out of the country. Colangelo has been the Director of USA Basketball in which his teams have laid beat-downs on pretty much every country they’ve faced. ‘Merica!

Would any of us be surprised if Trump made his son his running mate in true Colangelo fashion?

Ted Cruz = Josh Harris

Honorable Mention: Doug Pederson

Do you ever look at someone and just want to punch them in the face? Well that’s Ted Cruz and Josh Harris for me. Not only are the both in the “hate the face” club, but they are both perpetual liars. So much so that Trump continuously calls Cruz “lyin Ted” which I think is hilarious. Harris gets up in front of the press every so often and just spews bullshit from his mouth. He claims that the “optics” look bad but that’s not how things really are. Nobody believes you Josh, just stfu. In addition to that, both guys are outsiders in the realms of which they operate. Ted Cruz was born in Canada and is of Cuban descent running for President of the United States. Harris was raised in Maryland, lives in Jersey and owns a pro sports team in Philadelphia. Frauds.

John Kasich = Sam Bradford

Honorable Mention: Brett Brown

The forgotten ones. Kasich basically has no shot at winning the election and Bradford basically has no shot at being the Eagles long-term franchise quarterback. I understand that Bradford is going to be the Eagles starter this year but we all know he is just temporary until Wentz is ready. Kasich ran for president back in 2010 and was unsuccessful. Bradford was a starting quarterback for the Rams and was unsuccessful. Unfortunately it looks like neither of these guys are gonna be able to make it work in their second go round either.

The Democrats

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What to do with Sam Bradford

Apparently Sam Bradford wants out.

I think this guy needs to shut his mouth and play football. He has made a career of getting paid for mediocre performance. What makes him think hes entitled to this starting job long term? When he signed the two year deal back in March it was obvious that the team didn’t trust him as the franchise quarterback. Why is he surprised now?

So the real question is; what should the Eagles do?

Here is the contract.

Bradford has a cap hit of $12.5 million this season and the Eagles would save just $1.5 million in cap space because of a dead money value of $11 million (his signing bonus) if they trade him before June 1st. If they trade him after June 1st the dead money value would be 5.5 million because his prorated signing bonus would be moved to the 2017 number. This scenario would save $7 million on the cap. Next year the cap hit rises to $22.5 million with a $5.5 million dead money value. The Eagles would save $17 million in cap space if they traded him after this season. In this scenario, I’d think a team would restructure his deal instead of paying him at that ridiculous cap number.

So basically Bradford’s contract was set up exactly for this scenario. They get him at a good rate for this year, see how he plays then go from there. If he plays extremely well, then they tear up the deal and give him a long-term extension. If they decide that Wentz is ready to play (the more likely scenario) they deal him in 2017 for whatever they can get. The second year of this deal was never going to happen in it’s current form.

The only way they should trade him before the 2016 season is if somebody knocks their socks off with an offer. How desperate are Denver and the Jets? If they throw a second rounder at you then go for it. Otherwise you stick Bradford under center, let him earn himself a deal elsewhere and groom Wentz to be the long-term guy.

I understand why Bradford is pissed, I would be too. They signed a backup who knows the system to a hefty contract then mortgaged their future to draft an FCS guy at his position. With that being said, Joe Montana had his successor drafted while he was still playing, same with Brett Favre and John Elway. Sam Bradford isn’t even close to being in the same conversation as those guys. For someone who has never had a winning season or played in a playoff game he has a lot of nerve.

Written by Eric Quinn

Image Source: Julio Cortez – AP

This Week in Sixers – Dario Comin’

Hinkie acquired Dario Saric in the 2014 draft after selecting Elfrid Payton at 10 and trading him to the Magic for the 12th pick (Saric) and a future first. Dario had a 3 year contract with his Turkish squad, Anadolu Efes, at the time of the draft. Otherwise, he would have been a top 10 pick (maybe top 5). If the Sixers want Dario here next offseason, the Sixers (and Dario Saric’s representation) will have to negotiate a buyout with Efes. However, Efes likes having Dario on their team so they could just refuse the buyout. The Sixers, and Saric, will basically need to make them an offer that’s too good to pass up. Because the NBA has rules that limits what a team can offer to pay in a buyout situation, this will be difficult. Saric might even have to pay out of his own pocket to make the offer attractive enough for Efes.

The best financial move for Saric, by far, is to remain in Turkey for the entire duration of his Efes contract and come over to the Sixers for the 2017-18 season. Let me explain. If Saric were to come over this season, he would be bound to the NBA’s rookie contract, which is for 4 years. The NBA sets the rookie contract scale based on where the player was drafted. The NBA then allows players and teams to negotiate up or down up to 20% from there, but almost all players get 120% of the “slot”. However, the Sixers and Saric would agree to 80% of that and pay the rest in the bailout. For the 12th pick in the 2014 draft, Saric would be paid around $1.9 and 2.3 million for the first two seasons. He would make around $5 million total the following two seasons. So if he comes over now, the most he’d make in the next 4 seasons is around $9 million.

If he stays in Turkey, he’d make about $3.8 million this year, and then could come over to the Sixers and not be bound by the rookie contract. That’s a big deal. The NBA salary is expected to jump considerably, so realistically Saric could make $9 million a year on that new contract. He also wouldn’t have to contribute to a bailout. So that’s $4 million this year in Turkey plus roughly $27 million over the next 3 years, for a total of $31 million. He’d be leaving over 20 million bucks on the table if he decides to come over this year. Sheeeit.

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We Salute You, Flyers

I’ll start this article by telling you I’m a Flyers fan first, and everything else in Philadelphia a hard second. I am the guy who spent $50 to go the NHL draft in Philadelphia by himself. I’m not going to lie, I was fuming after the clock hit zero in game 6. I was yelling like a stupid little coward at innocent people walking outside my college apartment following the game in useless rage. I hated that ending. So many players on this team fought tooth and nail to do their job on this team and there were others who failed to show up. I understand how tough of a team the Capitals were, but that doesn’t take away from my frustration towards simple things that could have turned the tables. Our powerplay was historically bad. We had over 20 chances this series to score on the powerplay and still scored just once. I know a lot of fans are going to play the “I’m happy we were in even in the playoffs” card, but I just can’t get into that mindset yet. I’m salty, but I feel I have every reason to be. It’s not just that we lost, but the fact that we lost the same way we did in the last couple of playoff exits. Giroux, Voracek, and other core players were completely non-existent. Like, you can’t even say they didn’t get any help around them. Neuvy played like goalie Jesus, the defense played beyond the level we thought possible, and the lower level forwards contributed where they could. I love our future, but you win playoff series when your best players play their best hockey. I am getting excited about our defense down the road, but we do need to start getting some skilled forwards in the system to put up goals in playoff games.

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