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Who Will Make A Name For Themselves This March?

Tournament time is almost here. What random names will we hear this year? I’ll give you some guys that you probably never heard of that will become household names in March. One of these guys may be the reason you lose out on your ‘oh so perfect bracket’.

Marcus Keene (Central Michigan)- Keene should be the biggest name in basketball right now as he is currently averaging 30 points a game. That hasn’t been done in 20 years. And let’s not forget the fact he is doing it during his junior year and also the same height as me (5’9”)!!! If Central Michigan can find a way to get a tourney bid, Keene will bend his opponent right over.

Jordan McLaughlin (USC)- The Trojans went one and done in the tournament last year but that’s changing this season. McLaughlin had to deal with the toughest guards in the nation (Fultz and Ball), and he proved he can play with them. He may not look intimidating as he lacks height and strength, but he can definitely fool you. McLaughlin is a dangerous man.

Semi Ojeleye (SMU)- Ojeleye is maybe the best prospect in college basketball this year that nobody knows about. The former Blue Devil is now a Mustang, and maybe as good as any Duke player this year. Yeah bitch, I just said that. Maybe the most versatile player in the nation, and probably the leading candidate for most improved player, Ojeleye is going to make a name for himself in the tournament this year. I also think he will be the Malachi Richardson of last year’s tournament, but not as shitty of an NBA player

Bryant McIntosh (Northwestern)- Northwestern is the last major conference school left to not make the tournament. I don’t even think they can screw that up now. So I was thinking if they’re in, they wouldn’t just be satisfied with that right? Gotta get a win. And it’s March, so you know some white guy will go off. McIntosh fits right in. The dude has that big game vibe, although he does look like a he just finished his first year of high school.

Joe Rahon (Saint Mary’s)- Rahon is all fundamentals. Not flashy, not cool, but he gets it done. He’d make TJ McConnell proud. My boy Joe will show your team up this year and will do it with no noise. He may not put on a scoring display but he will surely put the opponent on display. Joe teamed up with my neighbor down the street at Boston College and clearly some Delco grit rubbed off on him.

Marcus Marshall (Nevada)- I’m really pulling for this Nevada team to get in. I love watching the man Marshall play because he does it his own way. He may not look like he has the right form and all that but he can ball and that’s really the only thing that matters. In the down Mountain West Conference this year, he is maybe the only reason to watch their conference tournament. He also did this.

Chris Flemmings (UNC Wilmington)- The story behind this guy just makes you think this guy wants to be good. And I mean wants to be good. A division 2 transfer and walk-on for UNC Wilmington, he is not playing like either of those this year. The soon to be Colonial player of the year will have another shot at a cinderella story in the tournament

Written by Pat Cloran

Image Source: Basketball Within Borders

DelcoDelphia Exclusive: Interview With New Phillies Hitting Coach Matt Stairs

Yes, even here at DelcoDelphia, we do some capital-J Journalism. Philadelphia folk hero and Jonathan Broxton abuser Matt Stairs took some time out of his busy spring training schedule to sit down with us before the Grapefruit League schedule commences. This year, Stairs is making the jump from the broadcast booth back down to the field, as the Phillies named him their hitting coach in early November, replacing Steve Henderson. Stairs hit on a lot of stuff in the interview, talking to us about what he wants to accomplish this season, his hitting approach and his time in red pinstripes. It was truly an interview for the ages.

Q: Matt, thanks for joining us. Congratulations on the new gig. We’ll start off with an easy question — what are you most looking forward to in spring training?

A: Well, first off, I’m really excited to be here in Clearwater. It’s a hell of a lot different from New Brunswick but nice to have some fun in the sun before we head up to Philly. I loaded up the hockey gear…sorry…baseball equipment…a couple weeks ago and took the drive down I-95. There are a couple of good hole-in-the-wall burger joints on the way that I discovered in my spare time watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. South of the Border was electric. As far as Clearwater itself, I’m really looking forward to see the Hooters ball girls this spring — I heard rumblings that they’re trying out some new uniforms this year…can’t wait to see that. But above all, I’d have to say Shephard’s happy hour is truly why I’m excited to be back. Longest happy hour on Clearwater Beach and $1.75 Molsons are dangerous but enticing for ole’ Stairsy.

Q: What approach will you try to implement with the hitters in your first season?

A: I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here, you guys know what my game was. You either go big or go home. We’re not playing small ball, no bunts or any of that shit. You go up and swing for the fences or head back to Little League. We’re going to be known as a home run hitting club…that’s my goal for this year — lead the league in homers. Everyone — even guys known as contact hitters like Cesar Hernandez and Tyler Goeddel — they’re going to have to change their approach. We’re not playing for 3-2 games, we want to blow teams out. I’ve talked to Pete (Mackanin) and he agrees, we’ve got to score more runs. That starts with hitting the longball. We were last in the league in runs scored last year. Won’t happen on my watch.

Q: How specifically will you teach players to start hitting the long ball?

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Flyers Trade Deadline Thoughts

This team continues to confuse the shit out of me. Practically everyone is a minus player, the team has a -25 goal differential, yet we are still in good enough shape to make the playoffs with 23 games left to play. Looking at the roster we have now, it makes complete sense to sell the team. Not only would making some moves satisfy all of those Philly fans on twitter who are horny for a trade, but I also think it would help the team’s chances of making the playoffs this year. And NO, I would not trade Claude Giroux. I’m not that impatient yet, and we don’t have anything close to replace him for the number 1 center spot.

Who I Would Trade

Based off the last month of watching this team, I would trade Michael Del Zotto and Mark Streit.

Mark Streit ( 39 years old, 20 points in 46 games, -9)  is the most likely to go, having that veteran sex appeal to a lot of teams looking to add a power play defenseman. He’s been everything we needed him to be and more and I will look back on his career and give a nice friendly smile. We could get anywhere from a 2nd-4th round pick for him.

Del Zotto ( 26 years old, 10 points in 32 games, -13) is having a pretty shitty year with his contract up at the end of the season. I really don’t see us re-signing him even if it’s for cheap with all the young guns ready to come up next year. He’s only played like half of this season, is very injury prone, and has just 10 points this year as an offensive minded defenseman. Most of his value comes from his age, and some of the success he’s had in years past. I keep hearing we could get  a mid round draft pick for him, but I think Hextall is a lot better at trades than people give him credit for (Braydon Coburn for a 1st, old ass Kimmo Timonen for a 2nd, Zac Rinaldo for a 3rd LOL). I think Hexy could easily ship him for at least a 3rd round pick.

I wouldn’t trade either Mason or Neuvirth right now. Both have had pretty bad years and wouldn’t get you too much back. Being that we are still in the race, I would let both of these guys fight it out till the end. Stolarz looked solid in his short stint here, but he hasn’t played well as of late in the AHL and we can’t depend on him to give us any important, playoff contending minutes.

If you can get anything for Vandevelde and Bellemare, Nick Schultz, do it.

Guys Who Could Fill In

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Eagles Bringing Back Shady? Or Signing Latavius?

Last week, Philadelphia sports news was owned by the Sixers. Hidden underneath the hoodwinking of Bryan Colangelo was a very interesting report coming from Eagles insider Eliot Shorr-Parks. Shorr-Parks, along with, posted an article that said about a possible rekindling between the Eagles and LeSean McCoy. Apparently McCoy’s style of play isn’t a good fit for the Bills new offensive coordinator and this could lead the Bills to cut him a year before his contract runs out saving them over five million dollars. If he does indeed get cut from Buffalo, he certainly would again be a good fit for the Eagles.

The first thing that comes to mind with the Eagles showing interest in McCoy is Chip Kelly. This man dismantled the Eagles. He took two players coming off the best seasons of their careers and in two years he got rid of them both, leaving Eagles fans shaking their heads wondering what they did to deserve this cruel type of punishment. It’s comforting that the front office is focused on righting the wrongs of that evil man.

With the potential arrival of LeSean McCoy, the end could be near for Darren Sproles in an Eagles uniform. Darren Sproles is a great running back, but he certainly isn’t a feature back, and with Ryan Mathews likely on his way out of Philadelphia that would be the case. Both Sproles and Wendell Smallwood are good running backs, but they are more a change of pace back and shouldn’t be in the Eagles long term plans. When looking where the Eagles should turn, McCoy is certainly an option, but he’s not the only option. A concern about McCoy is his age. He will be twenty-nine by the time next season starts and is just another year closer to the dreaded thirty that running backs around the league fear.

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Top Dog and DBag Of The Week (2-17-17)

Top Dog of the Week – Carroll Basketball Alumni

Not to toot our own horn, but also to do exactly that, Carroll is murdering it.

Freshman standout Ryan Daly dropped 24 and pulled down 12 boards, while in the process surpassing the Delaware freshman season scoring record (412) and knocking down a game winner.

He’s done this before.

This season he’s shooting 43% from the field and 33.8% from three, while averaging 15, 7, and 2 in 32mpg. He’s won CAA Rookie of the Week honors a Delaware record 5 times, making for an all around tremendous season.

2014 Carroll grad Austin Tilghman knocked down a filthy ¾ court shot last night at the buzzer for Monmouth

Aus is averaging 7pts, 3 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl per game this season in 20 mpg

And last but not least, our boy Derrick Jones fixes to dominate the dunk contest tomorrow night. His highlight videos have been plastered all over Twitter in the weeks since it was announced he would participate in what is typically the biggest event of Saturday night during All-Star weekend.

I have no misconception that Derrick is currently amazing at basketball, everyone knew he was a huge upside player with growing to do. He’s worked his jumper and defense, but anyone with his raw athleticism has a legitimate shot and being a solid NBA player.

But who cares, he can dunk better than anyone on the planet, so let’s just watch him dunk some more:

Go get that W.

Douchebag of the Week – Idk man

I have such a profound amount of hate in my heart that I couldn’t decide who I was pissed at most. Do I want to spew my shit at the Sixers front office or at Chris Christie’s giant fupa, it’s hard to say. But I guess we’ll go with the Jersey scum.

If you live under a rock, Christie basically said Philly fans were uncivilized and CBP is unsafe. To which every breathing person in SE PA made as many fat and hot dog jokes you could physically imagine. But rather than that, I’d like to  show you one single image that defines Chris Christie as a whole –

My favorite picture of him ever. This man is so fat and has such little self control he poured a small M&M bag into a big M&M bag. That picture is taken at a stadium. That means he opened the small bag to pour into the big bag. He would’ve saved the small bag if he didn’t plan to eat ALL of them in a ~3 hour game, and we’ll assume he succeeded. Let’s break down the stats:

The small bag alone has 31g of sugar, 230 calories, 9g of fat. That’s one serving, not too bad.

The big bag is a different story. 2,640 calories. 156g of fat. 264g of sugar.

Now let’s assume he had, conservatively two hot dogs and 2 drinks (we’ll say Coke.) Stadium Cokes are like 32 oz so with those he took in 310 calories, and 84g of sugar. Two hot dogs cost him 28g of fat, 300 calories, and 1200mg of sodium.

Now time for some math. We can say with relative certainty that this heaping pile of sweaty garbage consumed 3,480 calories, 193g of fat, 1600mg of sodium, and 379g of sugar. In three hours. How’s that for “uncivilized” you walking dumpster.

Also he fucked up some stuff with bridges or something and Trump bullied him into eating meatloaf, but who cares politics are stupid.

 Written by Brendan Feeney

Image Sources –,,

Chris Christie Sucks

New Jersey Governor and noted Dallas Cowgirls fan Chris Christie went on SportsNet New York Wednesday night to discuss (among other things) the Phillies using the phrase “Ya Gotta Believe.”

If you haven’t heard, the Phillies recently had the phrase painted on one of the walls inside Spectrum Field, their spring training home in Clearwater, immediately drawing ire from the Mets, their pathetic fans, and, apparently Chris Christie.

 For a little background info, the Mets actually were the first to use the phrase in 1973, when it became the rallying cry for the club on their way to the World Series (which they lost). Interestingly, it was former Phillie Tug McGraw who came up with the slogan, and he brought it along to Philly after being traded to the club prior to the 1975 season.

Nonetheless, Christie had these thoughts on the Phillies, their fans and Citizens Bank Park.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never felt unsafe going to a Phillies game, mostly because I don’t wear orange, black and blue and also don’t have an obnoxious North Jersey/New York accent.

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Simmons’ Return Looms

The anticipation for Ben Simmons to come back is at an all-time high. Ever since we got hit with the news of his devastating injury, Sixers fans have been eager to see Simmons back on the court. With the absence of Joel Embiid for the majority of the past three weeks, and the Sixers losing five of their last seven, the wait for Simmons seems unbearable.

When coming out of college, there were a few knocks on Ben Simmons. One was that he went to a non-competitive school in LSU and they couldn’t even make the NCAA Tournament. LSU neglected to play in the NIT and this put Simmons in an even worse light. His attitude was questioned throughout the entire season: Why’s he not going to class? Why isn’t LSU a good team? You have to remember that he was projected to go number one in the draft before the college basketball season even started. It wasn’t a matter of him not caring or him not being good enough. It was more of an instance with, why does he have to do this when something could happen that could jeopardize his chances at being a star.

One of the main reasons Simmons went to LSU was due to his family connections (his godfather is the associate head coach). Another reason he shouldn’t get a lot of backlash for how LSU fared last season was because it all wasn’t dependent on him. It takes more than one player to carry a team in college and that’s less of an aspect in the NBA. There are many superstars out there that weren’t on great college teams, and there are many players who were on great college teams that aren’t superstars. Simmons’s great attribute is that he has fantastic vision which he showcased at LSU. He makes everyone around him better with the open looks he gets for his teammates. This can be said for his play at LSU and in the summer with the Sixers. He was finding passing lanes that, while watching on TV, you wouldn’t have known even existed. If Ben Simmons can make a summer league game the most interesting thing on TV, imagine what he can do in a basketball game that actually counts.

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Flyers Need Some Juice

We just lost three straight and even worse, only scored one goal in those three losses. This defensive group we have right now isn’t cutting it. The trade deadline is coming up (March 1st), but it’s almost guaranteed Ron Hextall either does nothing, or ships off Mark Streit and maybe another. If we aren’t going to make any outside moves, maybe it’s time we start looking down below for help. Travis Konecny is out for a month or so, and AHL all star Jordan Weal has been called up to fill in. I really think we ought to call up another AHL All-Star in our possession, T.J Brennan.

6 feet, 2 inches tall, physical defenseman almost averaging a point per game in the AHL. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t know why he hasn’t been in the NHL the last two years looking at his numbers. I’ve heard that he can be a liability in his own zone, but we just need some offense man. Give me Brennan, Streit, Gostisbehere on the ice every night and I’m sure goals will come more often than with what we have now. I’m tired of Nick Schultz. I’m tired of Brandon Manning. Andrew Macdonald makes me want to hurt myself, but it seems like he isn’t going anywhere. We need some energy, and T.J Brennan can be just that.

Let’s Go Flyers baby.

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: The Sin Bin

New Faces at Phillies Spring Training

The conclusion of the NFL season always means a couple things: The days will begin to get longer, the weather a bit warmer, and baseball season is just around the corner.

In just over a week, Phillies’ players will report to the team’s complex in Clearwater, Florida, for seven weeks of spring training before the regular season begins in Cincinnati on April 3.

Baseball in Philadelphia sure hasn’t been anything to get excited about in recent years, but there’s certainly some intrigue this season with a crop of young talent set to make a name for themselves.

Gone are the heroes of the 2008 World Championship team, all of which have been shipped off to other teams, are still looking for work, or are out of the game completely. Following the departure of Ryan Howard this offseason, the Phillies stood as one of the youngest teams in the game — something that GM Matt Klentak clearly wanted to address over the offseason.

The Phillies are still in the midst of a rebuild that has been three-plus years in the making. Since 2014, the Phillies have had seasons of 73, 63 and 71 wins. An exciting 22-15 start through the first six weeks of last season quickly fizzled out, though the team did end up with an eight-win improvement from the ’15 campaign.

With the offseason additions of Clay Bucholz, Joaquin Benoit, Pat Neshek, Howie Kendrick and Michael Saunders — Klentak was able to accomplish a number of things:

  • Add veteran players who will not only make the team more competitive, but who have something to prove and could be flipped at the deadline for more prospects
  • Take the pressure off of the team’s younger players
  • Give the organization’s prospects more time to develop

In this piece, we’ll delve into each of Klentak’s offseason additions, starting with the pitchers.

Pat Neshek

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Don’t Fire Hakstol….Yet

I must say, it’s not as fun being #TeamHakstol as it used to be, but I’m going to try and stay rational and see this thing through.

So, after getting shutout against the Kings, Hakstol decides to stay with Provorov, Streit, Schultz, Manning, Macdonald, and Gudas for the defense last night against St. Louis. He puts Konecny back in the lineup, but takes out Matt Read. I understand making roster adjustments, but just not these ones. Our secondary scoring has been shit lately, and I don’t understand how keeping Ghost and Matt Read out can help that.

Gostisbehere has been having a rough year, but it’s starting to feel like Hakstol is only making things tougher for the guy. When he should be trying to build him up, he’s sitting him for 3 straight games and not really giving him much freedom to work out the kinks. Players have to be made responsible and accountable for their mistakes. I get that and all. Ghost is -19 right now, and even though +\- is mostly deceiving, -19 is bad no matter how you put it.

Then there’s Andrew Macdonald. The only thing he’s really good for is blocking shots, but part of that is just because he has so many opportunities to do so. It seems like he’s only weighing down Provy. I just don’t get why Hakstol continues to not only play him, but why the hell does he throw him with our best defenseman every night? If he gave Ghost the treatment he’s giving A-Mac, this team might be looking a little different.

Boston Bruins just fired Claude Julien. Guys like Guy Boucher, Bruce Boudreau, Kevin Dineen are all on the market. I still don’t think we should fire Hakstol because I believe in the idea of growing our team with him, but if there was a time to fire him it would actually be now. There’s so many good coaches available on the market that would turn this team around and give us a boost. This almost always works in the short term, especially for us (John Stevens, Lavy, Berube), but I don’t know how successful it really is in the long term. If you look at the strong teams in the NHL, they all have a coach that has been through the ups and downs. I think Hextall knows this, and really wants Hak to be that guy for us. So as intriguing the talks of firing Dave Hakstol might be for this season, I highly doubt it could happen.

Big game Thursday with the Islanders. They are probably the most dangerous team below us in the standings gunning for our wild card spot, so this is an important game.

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source:Tim Heiter