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Phillies’ Future: Harper or Machado

Baseball has been heating up as of late. The USA just won their first World Baseball Classic and Opening Day is right around the corner. This means that the Phillies are one season closer to playing competitive baseball again. For the past five seasons, but what seems longer, there hasn’t been much to look forward to for the Phillies. Manager Pete Mackanin set the expectations at a .500 record. This isn’t very exciting, but what is realistic is not always exciting.

There is, like with most Philadelphia teams, a lot to look forward to in the Phillies future. They have a lot of young talent and spending money. Fast forward to the end of the 2018 season, and there are a lot of big name free agents that can be acquired with that money. Names like Harper, Machado, Donaldson, and McCutchen are at the top of this lucrative list of future free agents. Any one of these players would immediately be one of, if not, the best player on the Phillies roster. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado have been the two players most talked about in the past couple of weeks on who would be more preferred. The Phillies are part of a select number of teams that have a legitimate shot at signing one of these future Hall of Famers.

The Phillies would be lucky to get either Machado or Harper. Adding one of these guys to their roster would immediately help them contend for the playoffs. It’s crazy to think how both are only twenty-four years old but they have still made a huge impact on Major League Baseball. In less than nine and a half seasons combined between them, they have seven All Star appearances, two gold gloves (Machado) and an MVP (Harper). There have been talks that they could be looking at getting contracts around the 10 year/$400 million dollar range, making them the two richest men in baseball. It has even been suggested that they would take a five year deal so they could test the free agency market before the 2024 season and look for a contract valued at more than fifty million dollars a year. The Phillies are a likely team to acquire one of these two players because they owe such a small number of money compared to other teams. According to Corey Seidman of Comcast Sportsnet, the Phillies have only $6.8 million on their 2018 payroll and even after arbitration have around $25 million that they will have used. It makes a lot of sense for them to spend on one of these cornerstone players.

Why Bryce Harper is a good fit for the Phillies

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The Sixers Gave Me Depression

Last weekend most everyone was watching the Elite Eight, maybe a little Rockets-Thunder because that’s always an electric matchup. But my stupid dumb idiot ass couldn’t stop flipping to the Sixers getting rocked by (I hate to admit) overrated Paul George and underrated Myles Turner. But I didn’t mind that. We were down by 19, brought it to single digits at one point and didn’t play too terribly. But man I’m just tired.

I live my life by the motto that if you never have expectations you can never be disappointed, because I’m a pessimistic motherfucker. But the Sixers are my weak spot. Back in January when Embiid’s per 36 numbers were literally orgasmic and TJ fucking McConnell was a god and Nerlens proved he was an elite defender, I had my stupid idiot hopes up. I literally used the term “Sixers Bandwagon” with absolute sincerity.

But the last 10 games have proved two things. Dario Saric is the absolute undisputed ROTY, and I am fucking depressed. Watching RoCo and Dario and Nik and Richaun get frustrated as shit and fail incessantly, and then seeing Benny Boy throw down disgusting pre-game dunks has sent me spiraling.

Look, I’ve been a “NBA draft is rigged” guy since Ewing to Knicks, but I never wanted to believe adults could take advantage of kids this badly (shoutout Lavarr too.) Ben Simmons wants to play, but his gay idiot fag agent Rich Paul obviously wants him to sit out the year, because the bonus from Nike if he wins ROTY next year is huge. Dario is frustrated, having to create all the offense when he simply isn’t fit to do so. Dario is more than we ever expected, but, let’s be honest, he will never be a #1 option. It’s like a microcosm of Iggy in ‘08-‘11 when he was forced into a role he could never fulfill and it made a lot of fans hate him.

I could support this shit with stats and irrefutable evidence but a main symptom of depression is fatigue. And no I’m NOT just lazy. Insensitive of you to say so to be honest.

Written by Brendan Feeney

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Conor Is Boxing

Everyone who can’t stand this dude is already shouting at me in their heads. “Mcgregor has no business doing any of this”, “Conor won’t even touch Floyd”, “Both are just fooling people for the biggest payday.” I’m not even going to sit here and argue that. This whole thing is a joke, but a joke you can’t take your eyes off of. As a fan of fighting, and any televised event where people beat each other to a pulp for money, I can’t help but overhype this fight.

As a rational, kind, young biased Mcgregor fan I can realize that 95% of what he said in that little spurt is psychotic, but him saying “I am boxing” sadly has some validity to it. The fact that it takes someone from a different sport to draw an attractive main event is pathetic for the sport of boxing and Floyd Mayweather’s legacy. Sure he’s going to lose to Floyd in boxing, but he’s going to show the world why he’s the most entertaining fighter of all time.

Floyd Mayweather is the worst man. It took him years to fight Manny Pacquiao, and now he’s going to ignore a justified rematch with him to get an easy paycheck. Floyd Mayweather avoids danger. Conor Mcgregor charges into danger. Conor Mcgregor agreed to gain 15 pounds in a week to fight Nate Diaz, and then fight him again at the same uncomfortable weight. Conor Mcgregor is your champion, and is already becoming the world’s favorite boxer.

How many boxers can you name outside of Floyd Mayweather? I can name Adonnis Creed, Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pac, that dude from Philly who’s name I can’t even remember, and Bernard Hopkins, but he’s like 60 and probably dead by now. The entire sports world will follow Conor Mcgregor, not just the UFC World. No one even knows who Floyd Mayweather fought last time, and simply don’t really care that he’s undefeated. He’s incredibly boring to watch, and runs away from fights.

This is just typical Mayweather shit right here. Putting pressure on Conor to fight in June when he knows that’s not even close to the amount of time he would need to prepare for this fight. Floyd will get to pick what gloves are used, what weight it is at, and what diapers he gets to use when Conor Mcgregor comes after him at the first presser.

This fight is going to happen. Both parties are sucked in too far at this point to say no at the payout that would come of this. The fight itself might suck, but the press conferences, the weigh in’s, the interviews are all going to be hilarious. I’m sure Conor will do things a lot more stupid than throwing water bottles around the media and both Boxing and the UFC will win from this. It might make Conor even more arrogant in the UFC world, but this can only boost his stock even more to help break his PPV records when he eventually returns to the octagon.

On the other hand, I really don’t see the benefits Floyd gets from this other than the money. It just makes him look weak, and unless he knocks him out convincingly in the first round, it won’t really make him look that dominant since he’s practically taking away every weapon in Conor’s arsenal. Conor is still going to charge him like an idiot/savage so it will be cool.


Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: BBC Sports

Villanova Won’t Repeat

It’s March, and I don’t have to tell you what an exciting time of year it is for college basketball. Between the buzzer beaters, the upsets, the marquee matchups and the showcasing of star players, there truly isn’t anything that compare.

With the NCAA tournament set to begin, the Villanova Wildcats are preparing to defend their 2016 National Championship after completing a historically great calendar year.

Jay Wright’s Cats head into their Thursday night first-round matchup with a 31-3 (15-3 Big East) record, and just last Saturday captured their second Big East Tournament title in three years. The ‘Cats are ranked No. 2 in the nation, and have wins over Purdue, Virginia, Notre Dame, Creighton (three times) and Xavier.

The team still boasts National Player of the Year favorite Josh Hart as well as last year’s tourney hero Kris Jenkins. They have the shooting ability and defense to become the first school since Florida in 2006 and 2007 to win back-to-back national titles. And to top it all off, they have one of the best coaches in the nation in Wright, a two-time Naismith Coach of the Year and five-time Big East Coach of the Year.

And while I, as a diehard Villanova fan, would love nothing more than to see the ‘Cats cut down the nets in Phoenix next month, it’s just not going to happen.

Let me explain why.

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NFC East Free Agency Recap

It has certainly been an intense forty-eight hours of free agency given to us by the NFL. So far, the most noise has been made in the NFC East. The division made a name for itself last season as one of the league’s best after just being called the “NFC Least” the year before. The division looks set to remain around the top after a lot of big name players made this division their next and possibly final stop in their careers. So what teams in the NFC East are gaining from free agency and what teams have taken a step back?

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were one of the best teams in the NFL last year. Their season came to an abrupt end due to a magical performance by Aaron Rodgers. The scary thing is they are only going to get better. With a young, All-Pro offensive line, and two young offensive weapons with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, they are going to have a very solid team for years to come. So far in free agency their main focus has been on Tony Romo. Whether he gets released (again) or ends up getting traded, they will save a lot of money by not having him on their team. It will also help Dak Prescott develop as he will not have to worry about losing his starting job every time after playing in a bad game.

New York Giants

The Giants have one of the best receivers in the game with Odell Beckham. His catching abilities give Eli Manning and Giants’ fans no worries and leave opposing fans salivating at the opportunity to have him on their team. Add that to a young and promising wide receiver in Sterling Shepard. Free agency has seen a rich wide receiver corps only get richer with the addition of veteran Brandon Marshall. Marshall performed extremely well around poor quarterbacks on the Jets; imagine what he could do with a proven winner like Eli Manning. This trio of wide receivers should not just bring worry to the NFC East, but to the entire league. Fellow division rivals should hope that this addition of Marshall is more of a bust than a boom. Marshall has been seen to be a head case in the past and if things don’t work out, it could turn sour quick. Add that to the already primadonna antics of Odell Beckham and the pairing could spell trouble internally for the Giants.

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Free Agency = Dandy Andy Back With A Vengeance

A caveat: This free agency season has excited me just as with many previous years. I have gotten off my butt to write my feelings and opinions of what this team now looks like ON PAPER. Don’t be surprised if Dandy goes Angry when and if these acquisitions go awry.

For what seems like a decade, free agency has hit the Eagles like a ton of bricks. Often we bring in some blockbuster disasters that end up haunting us for a considerable amount of time (Nnamdi and Byron I am talking to you.) Could this year be any different?

Going into this season everyone knew the holes that have been created at the wide receiver and cornerback position. This is the same problem that has happened for years. The plan of action years ago was to go after top notch corners, and develop wide receivers through the draft. Fast forward and this year we are getting those sure handed receivers in free agency and moving towards cornerback being addressed in the draft. Although our past has been riddled with corner failures, maybe this is the year that they finally take the proper steps towards development.

I admire the balls on Howie. We aren’t talking about some rinky dink scrubs that create no noise whatsoever. These players are big names, specifically Alshon Jeffery. I am going to save you from the repeated hot takes and stat predictions of what these fellas are gonna be on paper. I won’t be right that’s the bottom line. There are two things that I do know about the Eagles right now and these will be my final sentiments.

The offense is going to be better.

Last season we suffered greatly showcasing receivers with inability to be a clear number one. This year we seem to have a core that can produce. It isn’t about the numbers, however. In a money ball sense of looking at it, these acquisitions are going to open up the field for guys who have underperformed. Zach Ertz should see some meaningful targets and hopefully live up to the potential. Nelson Agholor. That guy that I still absolutely hate, will have less of a spotlight on him, less opportunity, and ultimately more time to focus on himself. I hope that he is able to grow.

 Carson Wentz will forever be a reason to believe in the Eagles.

Carson Wentz has provided a spark in this city that seems to never cease. It is no longer just our fans that have felt his energy. These free agents specifically chose to take a chance on a team that hasn’t been the playoffs in what seems like forever, and this is due to our miracle boy behind center. If anything, this veteran presence is going to provide fantastic opportunity, a balanced spotlight, and hopefully a few more wins than last year. But for now, I am thrilled and as always, excited for the season to begin.

Written by Andrew Masterson

Image Source: Philadelphia Eagles

Stay Away From Bouye

The Eagles have been linked with just about every free agent this month. There are literally at least five players “going to the Eagles” for every position of need that they have and when you look at this Eagles team, that list can get exhausting. Now, supposedly as quick as the Kenny Britt rumor was debunked on Tuesday night, it is back up and running again. This rumor sounds the most likely to happen as of right now for the Eagles, but still nothing is certain until Britt’s pen is signing that contract wearing green. The main positions that the Eagles need to fill are wide receiver and running back and cornerback (oh my), so Britt would be a good start to filling those spots in the offseason.

Within the past week or so, the Birds have been connected to former Texans cornerback A.J. Bouye. Although he was a good player in Houston, the Eagles should not sign Bouye. It would be more beneficial for this team to focus on offensive weapons through free agency and trades and worry about the cornerbacks in the upcoming corner-heavy draft. Howie Roseman should focus on spending the allotted money on players like Terrelle Pryor and Brandin Cooks to make Carson Wentz happy. Either of those players would be an upgrade to what is on the field now. They just have to come at the right price. As for the draft, cornerbacks Sidney Jones (Washington), Teez Tabor (Florida), and Marlon Humphrey (Alabama) have all been linked to the Eagles in at least one mock draft. All three of these players are great talents and would significantly help out the Eagles defense. The most likely to wear an Eagles jersey in the near future would be Humphrey. Tabor had a disappointing Combine showcasing a lackluster forty-yard dash time for a player of his size. The Eagles had a formal meeting with Jones over the weekend and are expected to host Humphrey for a pre-draft visit on March 14th. In recent years with the draft, the majority has favored stud defenders coming from Alabama who seem to breed those types of players. Marlon Humphrey would be a great fit growing alongside Jalen Mills.

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Why The Sixers Won The Trade Deadline

Joel Embiid is officially the longest-tenured Sixer. Saying this out loud sounds crazy. It feels as if Embiid has barely been a part of the Sixers, missing his first two full seasons and only playing thirty-one games this season. Now Embiid is out for the year and the once magical 2017 run by the Sixers has come to an abrupt halt. In the week following the controversial trade deadline, the Sixers lost four of their next five games, and in two of those games they lost by a combined fifty-seven points. With the blowouts, no Embiid, and an injured first round pick, it sounds a lot like the Sixers are reverting back to last year. The only difference this year is that the Sixers fans have a seemingly incompetent General Manager with Bryan Colangelo instead of their Lord and Savior with Sam Hinkie.

The trade deadline hit the Sixers hard. Nerlens Noel, the start of The Process, was off to Dallas and all that was received in return was an underperforming Justin Anderson and a “first round pick.” The immediate reaction was to be furious. He got rid of the big man who could play defense and left the Sixers with a center who barely can manage five rebounds. How could Colangelo do such a thing? He was brought to the Sixers in the middle of the fulfillment of The Process and now he got rid of one its founders. After calming down, and overcoming the initial shock, the verdict on this trade is that it helped the Sixers more than it hurt them.

Trading Nerlens Noel was the right move. He is set to become a free agent this offseason and he is going to become a very rich man. Why that doesn’t fit for the Sixers is simple for a few reasons. The Sixers have the most cap space in the NBA which confused some people why they would get rid of Noel if they could afford him. In the next few years though that cap room is going to take a huge hit when Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons’s rookie contracts expire. It is also very unlikely that the Sixers would have even made an attempt to resign Noel. He was going to want starter money but would be coming off the bench and that move would make no sense. So in the summer, Noel would leave and the Sixers would end up getting nothing in return. Another reason they are better off not spending the money for Noel is because of Richaun Holmes. Holmes is not the player Noel is but the difference in their games is much less than the difference in their cost. Why pay someone coming off the bench maximum money when you can get a similar player for much cheaper? Holmes has already stepped up in the absence of Noel, and this extended playing time gives him more of a chance to improve his game. This also gives some time for Jahlil Okafor to once again use the opportunity to showcase himself, and hopefully lead to his exit from Philadelphia in the summer.

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UFC 209 Betting Guide



Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday, March 4, 2017


(C) Tyron Woodley vs (1) Stephen Thompson (Welterweight Championship)

Lando Vannata vs David Teymur (Lightweight)

Rashad Evans vs Daniel Kelly (Middleweight)

Amanda Cooper vs Cynthia Calvillo (Strawweight)

(3) Alistair Overeem vs (8) Mark Hunt (Heavyweight)


Marcin Tybura vs Luis Henrique (Heavyweight)

(13) Mirsad Bektic vs (14) Darren Elkins (Featherweight)

(15) Iuri Alcantara vs Luke Sanders (Bantamweight)

Mark Godbeer vs Daniel Spitz (Heavyweight)


Tyson Pedro vs Paul Craig (Light Heayweight)

Albert Morales vs Andre Soukhamthath (Bantamweight)



Albert Morales (-140) vs Andre Soukhamthath (+110)

Opening the card with a bang. Andre is a very strong bantamweight who loves to throw. The only thing that could hurt him is his tendency to lack a strong defensive game. Morales could catch Andre with some aggressive, powerful punches. However, Morales doesn’t keep a very high pace in his fights which causes him to lose focus and fade late in fights. Despite his undeafeated record, I am siding with the fighter who will be more consistent down the stretch.

My Pick: Andre Soukhamthath (+110)

Tyson Pedro (-145) vs Paul Craig (+115)

This is a fascinating fight… but, I am not going anywhere further in this except saying I’m siding with “BearJew” Paul Craig. Love it.

My Pick: Paul Craig (+115)

Mark Godbeer (-145) vs Daniel Spitz (+115)

Neither of these guys will be around in the UFC much longer in my opinion. However, I am siding with Mark Godbeer simply due to Spitz slow movements and inexperience.

My Pick: Mark Godbeer (-145)

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