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Flyers Hockey is Back

For most of you, the Flyers are like that favorite cousin of yours. You’re not going to know everything about your cousin’s life, but you tune into the important things and make sure to hang out during important family parties. The same way you didn’t know about that Jori Lehtera he had and how interesting his training camp really was.

Well I’m here to tell you to treat that favorite cousin like he’s your brother. Man, tune into this shit, because your favorite cousin is about to do some serious damage in the NHL. ESPN (not that I really give a shit what they say about hockey) ranked our boys to have the best farm system in the NHL. The BEST farm in the NHL, and a lot of those crops are coming to harvest this year.

Training camps are pretty important to get a gauge on how a team’s going to look. Giroux, Voracek and several others have already said that training camp has been more competitive than ever. We have so much depth this year, and because of this we are seriously considering moving Claude Giroux to wing to make room for younger centers. That’s a positive.

We have a new goalie we can complain about in Brian Elliott. (Basically a cheaper Steve Mason)

Robert Hagg (age 22), Sam Morin (age 22) seem like locks to make the NHL opening roster. Along with Provorov (AGE 20 HOLY SHIT), and Ghost (age 24), we’re starting to build a ridiculously young, talented group of defensemen that will continue to get younger. Travis Sanheim (Age 21), still hasn’t been cut yet and is making Andrew Macdonald start to shit in his pants a lot.

– Add SHL player of the year, Oskar Lindblom to the mix (age 21) as a top 9 forward.

– Travis Konecny (age 20) is on his second year primed for a rise in production.

– Last chance, prove it years for Filpula (age 33) and Matt Read (age 31)

The most exciting thing about this year is Nolan big boy Patrick (age 19). As much as I love Giroux, it’s clear his time as the alpha around this team is coming to an end. Might not be this year, might not even be the next, but eventually Nolan Patrick will be primed to take this team to the Stanley Cup on his shoulders. To everyone out there that still cares about fighting, here’s something that will make you like him a lot since most of you probably don’t give a shit about in depth hockey talk.

Are you tired of watching red heads make this country go crazy with politics? Well in 8 days, the only red heads that will make you happy are these beautiful human beings.

Let’s Go Flyers baby.

Written by Mike Cloran


(Mildly) Angry Andy

Famed Cardinals coach Dennis Green, irate after a loss, screamed at reporters in a post-game press conference proclaiming, “They are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook.” This expression perfectly sums up my feelings on the Eagles Chiefs game this week.

I would be lying to you if I said that I thought the Eagles were going to win. The Chiefs had just come off one of the hottest starts of the year defeating the reigning Super Bowl Champions in Foxboro, and I was genuinely enjoying a week of ribbing my Massachusetts born roommate. The Eagles would have to travel well, and Arrowhead Stadium is just one of those places that it is hard to win at. But then again, they held their own.
With four sacks on Alex Smith, this front seven is going to be a mainstay for the portions of the team that makes Andy Dandy on a weekly basis. They are exposing weak matchups and the linebacker core, despite the one 53 yard run, gave Kareem Hunt all that he could handle. And what about that Tyreek Hill guy? He had a pedestrian week as well! The defense held their own for 3 and a half quarters, and hoped the offense could continue to execute as well.

Spoiler alert, they failed in a few regards. Carson Wentz had a great day. Alshon Jeffrey had a great day. Even Nelson Agholor caught a TD pass. But I certainly want to launch Torrey Smith into the sun. The man dropped an opening drive touchdown, and failed to convert on many precision passing attempts. Enjoy it Eagles fans, because we just paid him 15 million dollars to be a 2016 Nelson Agholor. Sheesh.

I could rip into the O-Line but everyone and their mother did that, and it was one week. The team will face JPP and a formidable Giants front seven, and if they cannot rebound, I will hound them then.
Doug Pederson, however, cannot be spared. The Eagles aren’t even trying to run the football. We paid Blount a lot of money to blister through the middle, and they aren’t doing it. I believe in this O-Line, and it seems that every year we have a great talent who is utilized the wrong way, and it costs us games. If Doug doesn’t get his act together, he will not only hurt the team this year, but mortgage the future of poor Carson Wentz’s throwing arm. That’s bad news bears.

All in all, the Eagles put up a good fight against a great AFC team, and if they converted a play here or there, they’d still be in it. Unfortunately the only Andy who was Dandy this week however, was Andy Reid. Continue reading

Dandy Andy is Back

As they say in the Godfather Part III, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” It’s year two at DelcoDelphia, and I find myself starving to write on this forum, because no matter how hard I try to be infuriated at this Eagles team, they continue to make me Dandy. Yeah, yeah, to all those Delco Haters I know, it’s Wednesday and the game is old news. Give me a break. It’s senior year. There’s a sickness here in Philadelphia, a plague, really. This first game was nothing short of wacky, and Carson Wentz and “jaw drops” Nelson Agholor are providing an unequivocal spark to this team invigorating fans to once again support our boys in green.
When Carson scrambled on that moon ball to Nelson and he broke out for the score, I could’ve catapulted through the ceiling. I mockingly tweeted, “New Year, New Nelson” as the neighbors lauded my existence, but as the game progressed, I truly believed that Agholor’s could be a fantastic third wide receiver on this team. Aside from 2 balls that were uncatchable and that nauseating swing pass on third and short, he caught everything that was coming to him. As the supporting cast continued to be dogged down by coverage, Agholor was making the most of one on one matchups, even converting some crucial third down plays. I know it’s early, but I genuinely hope that Agholor becomes the main success story of this offense. Oh yeah and Zach Ertz is going to be a top 10 tight end this year for sure. If he could learn how to break a tackle though, that would be great.
As we move to the defensive side of the ball, the front seven looked ferocious. Brandon Graham looks less and less like a bust with each passing year, and this run blocking unit is going to give Kareem Hunt fits next week. I also must hand it to the cornerbacks. As Ronald Darby, a Bills corner we actually don’t hate, was swallowed up by turf monsters, they continued to hold their own. There were certainly miscues, but there is something to be said about Doug’s kicking the field goal late and hanging his hat on the defense. They deserved the opportunity.
As we close this article, it is time to address the inevitable. It was an incomplete pass. For what seems like the first time in forever, the Eagles got a break from the refs. This game was a must win, and despite terrible play calling, hobbled defensive backs, and a formidable road opponent, we won. Just as my writing, this was a rusty start. But for at-least this first week, the Eagles have some momentum that can fuel the gang as they travel to Arrowhead.

Post by Andrew Masteron