Attending a Sporting Event With a Girl

If you’re a dude there is no better way to combine three of your favorite things (beer, woman, sports) into one event. It counts as a “date” but you still get to watch the game. But is it worth it?

Now I consider myself lucky because my girlfriend (who also does all the graphics for this site, thanks babe!) does like sports. While she never has an issue attending a game with me or even watching them on TV we still run into some roadblocks at the game itself.

So priority one is generally alcohol. They tell you if they’re going to sit through a game they need to be drunk. This usually depends on the game. For the Eagles, not much alcohol is needed, but if we’re going to a Phillies game there needs to be an abundance of booze. This starts at the tailgate where they get wrecked before you even get into the stadium. Then once you’re inside they can be picky as hell. They can’t just get a Bud Light, you need to spend an hour walking around the stadium looking for a frickin Lime-a-rita that costs $12. This starts the domino effect. Now she has to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. If it’s just the two of you, then you have to be a gentleman and go with her. So my advice here is attend a game with another couple so she can go to the bathroom with the other girl while the guys stay and watch the game.

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One thought on “Attending a Sporting Event With a Girl

  1. Steele Honda

    I guess my boyfriend is as lucky as the author is as I love sports 🙂 I did not know that alcohol can be used to seduce a girl and make her watch sports! Luckily, he does not need to do that with me as I totally share his interests. I also think that we could even spend our next weekend at some sporting even so that we both could have fun and do what we like!


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