Calm Down Philly Blockheads

If you follow Delcodelphia you probably saw Muke’s legendary video, but if you live under a rock watch IMMEDIATELY:

Anyway, every time we have one of our blogs, videos, or tweets blow up we get bozos from Mayfair, or Roxborough, or Fishtown tweeting at us nonstop, saying “It’s Philadelphia not Delcodelphia faggot” or “Ur not from philly” or anything referencing alcoholism or being soft.


No shit bozo. We plaster Delco on everything we put out. Pride in Delco, and way too much of it. We live 20 mins from the Linc and you live in a shithole armpit of the city just as far away, we aren’t jealous buddy. Their ears perk up when they hear the world Delco. Native Americans put up less of a fight against the white man than a Northeast weirdo at a tailgate eavesdropping and hearing a Delco kid say they’re from Philly does.

The other thing they say is “u prob say ur from Philly when people ask.” No I don’t freak, I say I’m from outside the city because I don’t expect anyone to know what or where fuckin Newtown Square is. If your square head, poor fade having ass ever meandered outside the USA BABY and someone asked where you’re from you’d say America. It’s called catering to your audience but that’s alright.

 Oh well, it’s not like half of them can read this shit anyway and I’m just writing this to get clicks from Muke’s video. We’re all in this together. Go birds baby

Written by Chucky

 Image via dailymail

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