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DelcoDelphia’s Philadelphia Eagles Power Hour!

Without further ado, we present to you, DelcoDelphia’s Philadelphia Eagles Power Hour! Grab a case and enjoy!

Here is the direct link to YouTube video if the embedded one doesn’t work for you.

Being a Delco kid in college, it’s hard for me to simply wake up on Sunday morning and wait patiently until the 1 o’clock kickoff arrives. This year, I refuse to sit on my couch and watch NFL Countdown analysts tell me the Cowboys and Giants will have a better year than the Eagles for 3 hours straight. This time, I decided to do something about it. I took a good portion of my time this past week not studying or working out at the gym, but instead spent it compiling just about every “F$%k Yeah!” Eagles moment into an hour of minute long clips.

Yeah, we haven’t won a Super Bowl and this team has us all on the verge of jumping off the Walt Whitman, but every fan out there knows there are Eagles moments they wish they could relive again. I thought to myself, what would be better than grabbing a case of Eagles Bud Lights and reminiscing about all the good times that eventually led to excruciating heartbreak? The answer is nothing, nothing would be better than that on a Sunday morning at 11:00 AM.

I’d like to think I jammed just about everything a die hard fan could think of in this hour long binge. Enough Brian Dawkins clips to make you want to hurt your little brother, along with a little taste of the past and plenty of Cowboy turnovers to make your entire week.

We might go 4-12 this season. Our offensive line blows, and for all we know there might be high school coaches more qualified than Doug Pederson. I don’t know what it is, but something tells me this season has a “Jeff Garcia 2006” kind of vibe to it. I’m sadly taking the positive approach and bringing on high hopes for this year. Year after year, this team has had rosters that were deemed “Super Bowl Contenders” after signing a good chunk of big names in free agency. For the first time in a long time, this team isn’t expected to do shit and I love that. This is the city that thrives being the underdog. We are set free from Chip Kelly and his communist styles of coaching. We don’t have Bill Davis. We somehow pulled off trading a guy who has never even had a smell of the playoffs for a 1st and a 4th round pick. We made the moves to bring in what looks to be a true franchise quarterback. A rookie quarterback who mind you, got the news he would be starting this Sunday against the Browns while he was hunting geese.

This year is going to be crazy. On one hand, I do kind of fear for Carson Wentz’s life. Remember cringing every time Sam Bradford got touched in his first preseason? Well, it might be even more terrifying watching Carson Wentz get his ribs blown up when someone on the practice squad is guarding his blind side midway through the year.

Let’s just forget about that for now. It’s time for everyone to go out and stock the fridge. Come Sunday morning, I hope you all can join me in drinking in all of the Eagles nostalgia before kickoff.

Please drink unresponsibly and go Birds.

Post and Video by Mike Cloran

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Kobe Used to Jam on Poor Delco Athletes

Unfortunately Kobe didn’t grow up in the great county of Delaware, but there are stories of him tearing down rims in my alma mater, Marple Newtown High. The fact that I once stepped on the same high school court that he did is satisfying enough for an extremely mediocre athlete like me. Sure, I was mostly playing dodgeball in gym class, but there were times I was lucky enough to get into a High School freshman league game on the same basketball court that Mamba balled on. That high school class of 1995 had to have been extremely lucky to have seen this guy ball in high school. I can tell you right now if someone like Ben Simmons came to play at Marple Newtown today, people would be scalping tickets outside of the gym. Christ, kids would even tailgate something like that. It’s probably safe to say an athlete like Kobe Bryant probably won’t come around our area again. As much as Kobe’s relationship wasn’t so hot with Philly throughout his career, I think we can all agree this guy was incredible to watch. Although he probably should have retired years ago, watching him play his last NBA game tonight should be something special. Along with the Sixers failure to support Iverson, Kobe is a huge reason we haven’t seen a title since ’83.

Check out this video of Kobe balling in Delco gyms.

Written by Mike Cloran