International Inconvenience

I never had a problem with professional sports trying to grow their brand by playing games in other countries, until now. It was all fun when the Jags were becoming the sweethearts of London, or when the MLB decided to start opening weekend down under. Now these international series are starting to affect my sports watching.

First the NBA decides to send the Sixers to London to take on the Celtics. I was excited to see the Sixers play on this big stage. Then I realized the game would be played on a Thursday at 3:00 pm. Hello NBA, don’t you realize most people have work at 3:00 pm on a Thursday ? I haven’t missed a Sixers game all season and now they decided to do this. Why not schedule the game for the weekend?

Do I have to use a sick day to watch Fultz shoot like a six year old?, or is the NBA going to cover my salary if I get fired for watching the Sixers at work?

Commissioner Silver, do you have the answer to these questions?

Now, it looks like the Eagles will be making the trip to London in 2018 as well. Luckily it doesn’t look like they will be losing a home game. However, it does mean a 9 am football game. The Birds playing on primetime throws my week off enough. I am dreading the effects of a 9am football game.

Do I stay in that Saturday night? Are local bars going to open early to show the game?  What time does one start drinking for a 9am football game?

Hey Rodger, I need these questions answered as well.

Sports fans are creatures of habit.. Change their routine and they are lost. At Least that is the case for myself. Sending our teams overseas is stressful and generates to many questions I do not have the answers too.


Dear professional sports leagues, please leave Philadelphia out of your future International series.


Thank you!


Written by Joe Smith


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