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Go Birds

Being a realist isn’t an excuse for disbelief in a Birds postseason run. I hear fans giving up on the season, but isn’t the beauty of being an eagles fan the faith you have in your team even when all the cards are stacked up against them?

That being said, the Eagles have a long road to the Super Bowl. The Falcons are a dangerous team with a plethora of weapons. Matt Ryan, Dan Quinn and the rest of the Dirty Birds look like they drank a pedialyte and woke up from their Super Bowl hangover.


After the Birds take down the Falcons, either the Saints or the Vikings are coming to town.

The Eagles did what they needed to do to lock up home field advantage after Carson Wentz went down. Now they need two home wins to get the franchise’s third Super Bowl birth.

There are three keys to success for the Birds this postseason.

  1. Win the battle up front

The Eagles need to dominate on the offensive and defensive lines. They are the   team’s two biggest strengths. The Eagles have Pro Bowl and All-Pro talent on both lines. Their offensive line needs to create a run game and keep pressure off Foles.The d-line needs to do the opposite. They have to play physical stop the run and keep pressure on the opposing QB. That will take pressure off the team’s young DB group.

  1. Foles needs to step it up

Nick Foles does not have to be Carson Wentz for the team to win. He needs to play confident and protect the ball. When Foles plays with confidence, he can make the big throws. The last two weeks of the season Foles played timid. He needs to find that confidence that he had back in 2013.

  1. Dougie P needs to continue to impress

Did anyone think Doug Pederson was going to be this good of a coach? I sure didn’t. He has made huge strides in year two. He needs to devise a game plan that sets up Foles and the offense for success. Doug has shown he can coach in the regular season. Lets see what he can do in the postseason.


Don’t be a realist and look at all the things going against the Birds. Be a fan and look at all of the advantages. The NFC comes through Philly and no one is giving us a chance. It is us against the world! Don’t give up on the Birds! Fly Eagles Fly!

Written by Joe Smith

Philly Fans’ Antics are Costing Their Teams Wins

Philadelphia fans are known for their passion. It’s something that we take pride in. But there’s a certain point where passion crosses the line, and that line was crossed last night.

It pisses me off when national sports media people such as Skip Bayless and Michael Wilbon trash Philly fans for their behavior. They have no idea what we have endured in terms of fandom over the years. I’m 23 and I’ve only seen one championship in my lifetime and I’m considered lucky. Skip is a Cowboys fan and a Spurs fan. No championship drought there. Wilbon is a Bulls die-hard. I don’t want to hear from a guy who had one of the best athletes of all time on his team. But let’s not give them more ammo, especially ammo that is justified like last night.

Yeah, we threw snowballs at Santa Clause. Yeah, we booed Michael Irvin when he got hurt. Yeah, we threw batteries at JD Drew. I’m not gonna say these are things I’m proud of, but they are definitely things that have shaped our reputations as fans and I kinda like it. You want to be in the opponents head and strike fear and we definitely do that.

Philadelphia is all about the blue collar, hardworking class who give it everything they’ve got no matter what it is that stands in front of them. If someone wronged us, screw ‘em. If someone isn’t playing up to the standards that we think they should then boo ‘em. We are loyal to the core. Are we a little bit rough around the edges? Hell yeah. But nobody can ever say we aren’t passionate.

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Big Plans to Recognize Mr. Snider Tonight

For those of you who have had the pleasure to attend a playoff hockey game, you know the big difference between the regular season atmosphere and playoff atmosphere. You can feel it. From the pregame tailgates all the way up to puck drop, the atmosphere is truly electric. I’ve been to a lot of big time Phillies and Eagles games, but there is still nothing cooler than witnessing Lauren Hart and Kate Smith team up to belt out God Bless America. Not only is Lauren Hart drop dead gorgeous, but her voice is pretty damn good too. The chills flow hard when both Kate and Lauren are singing in sync.

Ok, I’ll stop raving about them for a second. The important thing tonight is that we honor Ed Snider. Winning would be perfect, and I know the players will be bringing everything they have to the doorstep tonight. Other than that, there will be an abundance of other plans to honor Mr. Snider. We are already seeing that these shirts will be given to all of the fans in attendance.

Snider Tribute 2

Being that I myself won’t be in attendance, I would honestly pay a ridiculous amount to have this shirt. I don’t think someone could have made a more perfect design for this. There will likely be an extravagant video presentation as well.

Snider Tribute 3

Not sure exactly what these bracelets will be used for, but I’m sure it will be a crowd pleaser. There will probably never be enough to truly honor this guy, but I’m really glad that the organization is going balls to the walls to make sure all of the fans know how big of a deal Mr. Snider was to this team for so long.

Written by Mike Cloran

The Flyers Are Screwed

We’re Philadelphia sports fans, which means sometimes we watch with our hearts and not our heads. I am guilty of this as much as the next guy and I’m starting to think this might have been the case with the Flyers.

For the record, heading into the series I picked the Flyers to win in 7. After watching the first two games, I’d be happy if they pulled out one.

We all know the Caps have had their playoff struggles and we’ve beaten them twice this year but the Flyers look completely outmatched. Let’s not forget that the Caps won the President’s Trophy, were first in the NHL in goals for and last in goals allowed. This team is a powerhouse.

There is only one way the Flyers can beat this team and that is to take advantage of mistakes. In simplest terms: score a fu**ing power play goal. The Flyers don’t have a single advantage over Washington. Line for line, defensive pairing for defensive pairing, goalie for goalie, they are outmatched. They Flyers aren’t going to beat them straight up, they need to help the Caps beat themselves.

After two games, let’s rank the most impressive players/groups in this series.

  1. Braden Holtby

This dude is a monster. Even the casual hockey fan can see that he’s an absolute brick wall. Goalie is the most important position on the ice and Holtby is showing why.

  1. Alexander Ovechkin

There’s a reason he’s a household name. This guy is playing like a true captain should. I wish we could say the same about G. He had 5 shots, 10 hits and a goal on Saturday night, those are big time numbers. Losing Coots really hurts here.

  1. Capitals’ defense

They’re pretty much shutting down everything the Flyers do and creating scoring chances as well. John Carlson also has two power play goals which is a killer.

  1. Flyers’ fourth line

This unit has been a pleasant surprise for the Flyers. When they’re out on the ice they are spending a lot of time in the offensive zone and putting pressure on Holtby. Problem is, your 4th line isn’t going to win you a series.

  1. Nick Backstrom

He is basically neutralizing Giroux on face-offs and has been a steadying presence for the Caps in their offensive zone.

The Flyers need to get more names on this list if they want to get back in this series. Giroux, Simmonds, Voracek, Schenn and Ghost need to step up. Mason was really good in game 1 and had a so-so effort in game 2. That terrible goal he gave up was a heart-breaker but wasn’t the difference in the game. He needs more help.

The Capitals are a team with multiple 20+ goal scorers, multiple Olympians and guys with Cup experience. The Flyers are purely outmatched and as fans we need to tamper our expectations and start analyzing these games with our heads instead of our hearts.

Written by Eric Quinn

Image Source: AP

Flyers Keys to Victory in Game 2

1. Come out with some fire.

I expected the Flyers to come out guns-a-blazin in game 1 in honor of Mr. Snider. This was obviously not the case. This team didn’t look ready to play at all and should be embarrassed. The first line in particular left a lot to be desired. With Schenn playing like a coked-up free safety on skates, look for him to regain his spot on the top line, with Jake moving back down to the second line.

2. Capitalize (get it?) on Power Play opportunities.

The Flyers were 0-3 on their power play in the first period. This was their chance to take the lead and put the Caps on their heels. If you want to beat the best team in the league, you need to cash in on the opportunities they give you. If the power play isn’t converted in game 2, this team will be looking at an 0-2 hole.

3. Don’t try to be the Broad Street Bullies.

As much as we all love big hits and fights, this team has to be smarter. Games aren’t officiated like they were in the 70’s. Wayne Simmonds can’t be taking penalties in the last 6 minutes of a game when his team is down a goal. As their best scorer, they need him out on the ice. You also have Brayden Schenn flying around trying to decapitate anything with a Caps sweater on. The hit on Richards was great and I love our guys mixing it up just as much as the next person, but now he’ll have a target on his back from the Caps and the refs. He needs to use this to his advantage and coax Washington into some penalties rather than the other way around. This is even more important with the team’s best penalty killer out of the lineup. Sean Couturier is out two weeks with a shoulder injury. Along with being the Flyers’ second line center, Coots is the defensive anchor. He was a hero after shutting down Malkin in the 2012 playoffs as a 19-year-old, and in the games he’s played against the Caps this year, he’s held Ovie in check. The team is 35-18-10 with him in the lineup, and only 6-9-4 without.  Losing him will hurt, but in this series you have to have that “next-man-up” mentality. That next man is Scott Laughton, who has been adequate on the penalty kill this season. He’ll have to be awesome for us to have a chance in this series.

You’re never really in trouble in a playoff series until you lose a game on home ice. When you open on the road, the goal is always to steal at least one, but coming home down 2-0 isn’t necessarily the end of the world. That being said, this feels like a must win. Only 14 percent of teams have come back to win a series when they were down 0-2, and I’m willing to bet 100% of those teams didn’t face a team as talented as this Capitals juggernaut. If you drop this one, the series is basically over. It’s not gonna be easy, but I firmly believe if any team can pull it off it’s this one. Show some heart. Let’s Go Flyers.


Written by Eric Quinn and Tyler Cloran

Image Source: Geoff Burke – USA Today Sports

2016 NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Flyers Aim to Take Down Washington

It’s been over a month since the Washington Capitals have had to play any meaningful hockey. While they were locking up a playoff spot, the Flyers were fighting and crawling to stay alive in the wild card race. While the Capitals were clinching the President’s trophy, Claude Giroux was burying an overtime winner against Winnipeg. I think that’s the really big advantage for the Flyers. Sure, the Capitals have still been winning games recently, but the Flyers have been immersed in playoff like hockey for the last month and a half. Tonight should be nothing new for the Flyers as they head into an opposing arena knowing they have to play desperate hockey. Hockey experts have been saying “Stanley Cup or Bust” for the Capitals since the all-star break. You ask me, that’s some serious pressure on a team that hasn’t handled expectations like that for the last decade.

If you take a look at the Capitals astonishing record this year, it’s a no brainer to pick them to take this series with ease. Problem is, playoff hockey doesn’t work like that. Wayne Gretzky said it perfectly. There are four seasons in an NHL year: preseason, the regular season, playoffs, and the Stanley Cup final. With each new season comes a significant boost in competitiveness and pressure. Yes, the Capitals have won more games than they ever have in the Ovechkin era, and Braden Holtby is tied with the record for most regular season wins. Truth is, none of that means anything once the puck drops tonight for Game 1. Any team no matter the record can get taken out by ANY team in playoff hockey. It happened to the Canucks in 2012 against the LA Kings, and it can certainly happen again here.

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A Look Through the History Books: Flyers-Caps

The last time these teams faced each other in the playoffs, Sami Kapanen was still playing and R.J Umberger was a key contributor. This series ended beautifully with a Joffrey Lupul OT winner in game 7 in Washington. Fast forward eight years, and we, yet again, will be facing a scary Washington team led by communist winger, Alexander Ovechkin. The playoffs haven’t been friendly to the Ovechkin era, as he has failed to lead his team past the second round in the Stanley Cup Playoffs in his time as a Capital/Commie. Last year, the Caps dropped dead in the 2nd round after a tough, 7 game series with the Rangers.

With the help of Ray Emery almost ending Holtby’s life, this rivalry has reached a new level in recent years. This certainly isn’t anything close to a Flyers-Penguins 2012 level, but each game seems to bring more intensity than the last. This rivalry has always taken a backseat to the Rangers and the Penguins, but there’s just as much to hate in Washington as any other city. Whenever there seems to be drama involved, Tom Wilson is right there along with his lack of ice time. Like the great Wayne Simmonds said in the last encounter “You f***ing suck (Tom Wilson).” Washington still doesn’t have any Stanley Cups or time friendly highways to drive on. Oh and by the way, Washington sports fans flat out suck.They are a bunch of hokey, wannabe sports fans who would rather watch Donald Trump wipe his ass than watch a solid sports contest. Oh, Washington has Frank Underwood and House of Cards? That’s cool I guess. We have Adonis Creed and he doesn’t push Kate Mara in front of a f***ing train.The Flyers and Caps have split the regular season series 2-2, with each team grabbing one on the road. Lines 1,2,3 might be more talented than ours, but have you seen our fourth line compared to theirs? Mismatch!

At any rate, I am completely in favor of turning up the heat with this rivalry. Time for me to stock up my fridge with shi**y beer and hype this baby up. Flyers in 6!

Written by Mike Cloran

Image Source: Len Redkoles – Zimbio.com

Flyers Face Their Three Toughest Games In Next Four Days

Just when we thought we could sit and start planning our wonderful playoff hockey gatherings, the Flyers get shutout in Detroit in another frustrating bout. It’s still our wildcard spot to lose, but things aren’t going to go as smoothly as we hoped.

Ok, I’ll refresh you on what needs to happen here. Right now, the Flyers sit in the 8th and final spot for the playoffs. Here’s how the standings sit right now:Flyers Piece 4-7


So, we have three hockey games left. If we win out, we are in regardless. We face a poor Toronto team tonight. Need to win this one. Saturday, we play a Penguins team that has locked a spot in the playoffs, and has sadly beaten us convincingly three times this season. Following that, we play the next day against the New York Islanders. They are also locked into a spot, but will likely be pushing for a higher seed. So yeah, this is going to be pretty tough.

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