Top 10 Philly Sports Radio Personalities

Wow. Last week was a doozy in the world of sports radio. The internet exploded when it was found out that Dwayne from Swedesboro was a fraud. Then the very next day Josh Innes gets canned by WIP for his comments about that very situation (among other things).

We thought it would be a perfect time to look into who the best sports radio personalities are in this city. We included Innes for fun.

1. Mike Missanelli – Love him or hate him, Mikey Miss is the man when it comes to Philly sports talk. He’s arrogant, funny, righteous and cultured. He’d be a great ESPN First Take kinda guy because he always picks a completely one-sided opinion and sticks with it, even after he’s proven wrong. To his credit, Missanelli is probably the best interviewer in the biz. He’s definitely a huge douche but he’s so good at his job that he’s untouchable, even when his callers are fake. All jokes aside, I honestly don’t think the Dwayne thing was a big deal at all. Radio is supposed to be entertainment and Dwayne was funny as hell. All the people who want to make it a race issue need to stfu. Myrtetus, Egan and Nahigian all got suspended while Missanelli escaped unscathed. I genuinely don’t think he knew but all of this proves that he is indeed bigger than the station.

2. Angelo Cataldi – Angelo is WIP. The Morning Show has been running for over 25 years strong with Cataldi at the helm. Angelo is at times hilarious and other times painfully bad. He’s Philly’s drunk uncle. Angelo mailed it in years ago and basically just hits on chicks 50 years younger than him, which made him the perfect host for the Wing Bowl. He’s been the face of WIP for the last quarter century, and will likely retire when his contract is up next year.

I don’t care if this is acting on his part or not, I’ll always treasure this clip.

And who can forget the good ol days, when Angelo would round up a group of ruthless savages to unload their years of pent up anger at the future of the franchise the moment he became an Eagle.

3. Rob Ellis– Most people will probably call me a Delco homer for having Ellis this high on the list (he’s from Upper Darby) but I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves. He’s pretty bland but whatever, Rob’s not really a hate-able guy which is rare for a sports radio host (and probably the reason he won’t ever draw much attention). He’s like the out-of-touch dad who still tries to take like he’s in college. Ellis is extremely knowledgeable and for the most part has pretty accurate takes. The guy also works his ass off. Some days you’ll see him on BOB from 6-8 AM, then the 97.5 midday show from 10-2 then on Philly Sports Talk on CSN from 5-6 PM. That’s like a 16 hour day from start to finish. Gotta respect the hustle. Rob is underrated in my opinion.

4. Anthony Gargano – Cuz. The Big Ragu. Gags. Gargano has long been a staple in Philly sports radio, known for his Italian liveliness and over-the-top optimism, which can be a little much sometimes. He brown-noses every single guest caller to the point where you want to change the station, so he has plenty of critics in this town. But as a fellow sports optimist, he’s always a go-to when I want to hear positive but honest sports chatter on my way to work.

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